5 Mix and Match dresses that we love

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We are in love with Mix and Match bridesmaid dresses! Not only are they gorgeous, stylish and modern, but are perfect for bridesmaids that are on a budget! The dresses give the girls the opportunity to work with there different body sizes and shapes! We are all not the same 😉 Here are our top 5 picks!

Ottawa Bridesmaids dresses

Photo by Landon Jacob Productions via Style Me Pretty


Photo by Jenny Sun Photography via Style Me Pretty

Otttawa Wedding planner

 Photo by Amanda Suanne Photography

Ottawa Wedding planner

Photo by Jamie Street, Rad + In Love Photography

Wedding dresses

Dresses via Ted Baker, Photo by Jose Villa via Magnolia Rouge

Which is your favourite match?

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Bridal Couture – Plum Pretty Sugar

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PPS Couture is a new collection founded by Charlotte Hale and is the newest addition to the Plum Pretty Sugar brand. With having spent many years practicing the art of ballet, Charlotte’s past has given her a creative vision to design gowns for a breezy easy-lifestyle. Continuing with her signature look that started Plum Pretty Sugar, the new collection includes beautiful handcrafted gowns made from delicate chiffon and stunning silks. PPS Couture is made up of four feminine pieces, each covered with ethereal floral prints and blossoming silhouettes. Although the collection emphasizes femininity, Charlotte’s separates her gowns, from other collections by using boyish names to personalize each one.

If you are awaiting a unique, enchanting, flower like dress, RSVP recommends checking out the new PPS collection! Each gown is beautifully handcrafted in the USA and made from only the finest fabrics.


bill 2



















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Monday Moments: Radha Subramani

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Radha Subramani is one of RSVP’s favourite makeup and hair specialist! She has built quite the name for herself here in Ottawa, as she has a unique technique that remains different from others. Having been branded the queen of giving a flawless complexion, many brides book well in advance to have their makeup & hair done by her. Radka’s talent always leaves each bride feeling radiant and confident as they are now ready to take on their special day!

Since 2010, Radha’s mission has been to bring out each brides inner beauty to make them realize you can look just as amazing in the mirror as you feel inside. For this reason, Radha works with each bride to understand their needs, whether it be new trends or classic elegance, and incorporate them into the perfect look.

For Radha, her dream took off in 2013, when she brought bridal up-do specialist Jane Tenthorey on board and became a full-service bridal makeup + hair firm. They are now a full service bridal firm, with extensive multi-cultural experience. Their studio specializes in South Asian bridal hair + makeup + styling and are known for bridal applications, engagements, mehndi evenings, other special events and make-up lessons.

 We are excited to announce our new “Gold'” Wedding-in-a-Box Package includes her services! When booking the gold package with RSVP, you will receive makeup applications for 4 bridesmaids and 1 bride (yourself)!



make up







To see more of Radha and her teams work, check out her website: http://www.radhasubramani.com/galleries.html


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The Best Ever Bridal Shower

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What is a bridal shower without the perfect theme to begin the fun!? Not only does it look great, but it sparks a creative inspiration for whatever activities you are looking to have. For instance, having a theme, gives guidance towards which games to play, where it should be held, what food should be served and how you and your guests should dress! In addition, having a theme will allow you to design your invitations accordingly; sending your guests their first hint as to what kind of day they can expect to have. Not only does holding a themed bridal shower help guide your itinerary for the day, it also makes planning a lot more fun!

Below is a list of equally charming bridal shower themes you could imitate when it comes time to hosting yours. 

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Processed with Moldiv


A Mad Hatter Tea Party

Processed with Moldiv


An Oriental Outing

Processed with Moldiv


Bridals By the Sea

Processed with Moldiv




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Hey everyone,

With the wedding season just around the corner, brides want to look good in their wedding dresses. All that pressure can stress a person out completely. There is something about weddings that tend to get brides to watch what they eat and control their weight. Off course you want to look good in that dress, but do it the right way. Loosing weight for some can be a really hard and stressful journey, but throw in the wedding planning, work and everything in between, and you become even more stressed. All the magazines and TV shows don’t help either (we know) : The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp

boot camp

We have ALL been through it (Except for those that were born with the perfect metabolism and do not put on weight regardless of how much chocolate they eat- :)! Here are 5 of our top tips to staying healthy and still loosing weight.

1. AVOID FAD DIETS- They do not work! You will lose weight, but most of this will be water and muscle giving you the impression that you are dropping the weight. When you stop this diet, it will go right back on again. Instead, avoid fatty foods, skip the fast food all together. Snack on healthy foods, up your vegetable intake. EAT BREAKFAST! Yes we all tend to skip this as women, but it truly causes your metabolism to slow down and you will hang on to that fat instead of burning it. If your job allows you to eat at your desk, have something quick-but healthy. Healthy is the key. No point having a bagel with butter and a large triple triple?

Loose weight with RSVP2.WATER- This is a given, pick up that water and drink lots of it. At least 8 glasses is recommended. We love our waters here, so this is an easy one. Your body can sometimes confuse your body’s cry for water as a need to eat more. Avoid this completely by staying hydrated at all times. And we do not mean, sipping on a diet coke. This does not count.

Ottawa wedding

3. GRAB SOME WEIGHTS/HIRE A PERSONAL TRAINER- Get toned is the key here. Weights will get you tones, and the more toned you are, the more slimmer you appear. Increased tone will increase your metabolism and cause your body to burn more fat, even while you are at rest! We love this. And hiring a personal trainer will take the stress of you if start feeling overwhelmed. This helps a lot, especially if you need the support. We are a big believer of looking good, and feeling comfortable for YOU. Do not do this for anyone but YOU. And have fun with it.

Ottawa fitness

4. SLEEPING BEAUTY. Didn’t get enough energy from sleeping? Now you feel like you need more coffee, energy drink or more food? Get your 6 to 8 hour sleep every night to feel refreshed and rested. This will give you the energy to work out instead of overeating. It happens all the time, as your body is confusing lack of energy for lack of food. Sleep tight!

Sleeping beauty5.SET A GOAL/ KEEP YOUR WEDDING DRESS PHOTO HANDY. How much weight do you want to loose. Write this down and set a realistic goal. This will keep you focused as you are actually working towards something. Keeping a picture of your wedding dress will give you motivation and keep you pushing. Make sure your fiancé does not see it though. Not on your phone.

Photos are compliments of Pinterest :)

I hope this helps.

Happy Planning! Contact us for more details.

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Au Naturale

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5 Black wedding hairstyles for the Au Naturale Bride

We love brides that own their natural Curls, twists and locs ! Here are our top 5 styles that we totally love. What is your favourite look? Will you be rocking a natural look for your big day? Tell us below!

Hair style, natural Look

Source: Urban Bush Babes

Black african hair style

Source: Samantha Weissbach

Natural hair style

Source: Munaluchi Bridal

Natural look

Source: Munaluchi Bridal

Natural Bride

Source: Bridal Musings

Looking for more ideas? Check out Pinterest 

Leave a comment below if you love! Happy Planning.

BRIDAL BEAUTY: Manis & Pedis

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BRIDAL BEAUTY: Manis & Pedis

You have your hair stylist booked, your makeup trial done! Don’t forget those nails! On your wedding day, your hands will constantly be on the show.  The photographer will take close up photos of you holding the bouquet, the exchange of the wedding bands, the signing of the registry; nothing worse than seeing a chipped nail. Don’t forget to moisturise your hands. When it comes to wedding manicures, we prefer looks that are clean and simple. That should not stop you from adding some art if that is what you like.

– We recommend getting your manicure done a day or 2 before your wedding day. Not only will it give you time to get other things done, but it will look newly done.

– Getting your hands and nails well taken care of weeks before your wedding day, will go a long way. You can do this at home, by constantly moisturising your hands, ensuring your hands are not dry, eating healthy and drinking lots of water.

– We recommend going to a nail salon you’ve gone to before. If you don’t go to a salon often, look up a few places, try one and see how it goes.

– You have brittle nails? Try having gel nails applied, this usually helps to strengthen and protect the nail from damage.

Oh, don’t forget the pedicure!


chanel nails


Source: Pinterest

Bridal Nails










Source: Weddbook

French Manicure














Source: Ivillage

Chanel Inspired nails













Source: Pink Chocolate Break

Bridal nails












Source: Weddbook

Wedding nails
















Source: Louboutin Nails


What kind of nails are you planning on rocking on your big day?

Happy Planning! @divineplanner85