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Today we focus on the different spaces and areas you can get married in the Ottawa/Gatineau and Surrounding areas. This blog is for those that are finding it difficult to find the perfect wedding venue in Ottawa. Don’t forget these venues can host other special moments such as birthday celebrations, baby baptisms, engagement parties, graduation parties, fundraisers, company retreats, galas and any other special event that you can think of.

I will start with banquet halls. With a little help of lighting and the perfect décor, you can transform any room into anything you can dream of.

Banquet Halls

Think the RA Centre, Tudor hallSt Elias and the Marconi Centre! The good thing about hosting weddings at a banquet hall, is that they come equipped with their own caterer, staffing and all the necessary items you will need to host a great event. You also have the great advantages of decorating them how you want! Some newer venues to also consider is the likes of the Century Planning & Events located about 15 minutes South of Ottawa, the Center is one of Ottawa’s premier wedding and reception venues that you could use to create an unmatched wedding experience.

RA Centre

RA Centre wedding

Source: RA Centre- Photo by Mike & Ness Photo, Wedding décor by RSVP Events

Ottawa wedding venue

Century Wedding & Events

Source: Venue Century Weddings & Events, Photographer: 3Stems Photography, Décor & Planning by RSVP Events

Farms and Tents

Orchardview weddings & Events, Bean Town Ranch, Temple’s Sugar bush and Strathmere are a few of our farm -like venues that we love. Stonefileds heritage farm can host up to a 120 guests. They offer exclusivity access to their historic farm for your wedding. This venue can offer you the rustic look and its a plus if you are looking for a rustic wedding venue style as you wont need much in terms of decor.

Stonefields weddings

Ottawa weddings

Source: Stonefields- Photo: Mark Cooper Photography


Looking to spend a few more dollars, consider getting hitched in the newly-renovated Canadian Museum of Nature ! You can do a lot with this gorgeous venue. The Museum offers in-house catering, but you are also more than welcome to choose from a list of their preferred caterers which include Gourmet Cuisine (The in house caterer, Thyme and Again,  Tulips & Maple, By Town Catering and Creative Kosher Catering. Another favourite is the War Museum and the Museum of History. They offer a choice of 3 caterers: Distinction (amazing company- the in house caterer,  the Westin and the East India Company for all the South Asian Weddings.

Other museums worth mentioning include Canada’s Cold War Museum, the gorgeous National Aviation Museum and the National Library and Archives! We love to work with Museums as you can do so much with the space by styling it well. Ottawa offers the best Museum wedding venues in my opinion.

Museum of Nature

Source Museum of Nature / photo by: Brittany Lee Photos


Planning on hosting a wedding at a restaurant, consider a few of these great options- The Courtyard, Restaurant E18htten on York street, NeXT  (AMAZING FOOD) in Kanata &  Lagos bar and grill which over looks the river. These venues are really modern and require little décor. I would use lighting and flowers to get the extra elegant needed touch to make it work. A few honorable mentions include the Urban Element which is extremely elegant, SidedoorMillstreet Pub and Le Cordon Bleu Signatures.

millstreet pub weddingsSource: Millstreet pub Weddings/ Photo Laura Kelly Photography

Galleries and Theatres

My two favourite places to host weddings are the  National Gallery of Canada and the National Arts Centre also popularly known as the NAC.   The Cube, Wall Space, and the Great Canadian Theatre Company all offer wonderful open spaces to plan any event.

Outdoor Spaces

Ottawa is definitely a gorgeous city with lots of green spaces. Most locations allow for you to host weddings with a special events permit.  I love, love the Herb Garden Centre! The Herb Garden is Ottawa’s most enchanting and unique location and it is located twenty minutes west of Scotiabank Place (at the corner of Old Almonte Road and Upper Dwyer Hill Road). Keep in mind that planning a wedding at such venue, requires you to bring your own caterers.  Another favourite is the Billings Estate. They do not have restrictions on what caterer to use which is a big plus in my books. The venue is pretty secluded which gives a very private feel to it.

The Herb Garden WeddingsSource: Via Herb Garden Website

Ottawa Tented venue wedding

Billings bridge estate

Community Centers

Community centres offer large spaces and are ideal for huge weddings. I love to work with the Glebe Community centre located in the Glebe.  Take a look at this gorgeous wedding captured by Laura Kelly Photography!  Another popular venue is the Wabano Centre located in the Vanier area. Other halls to consider would be the Ottawa University Tabaret Hall , Ukrainian Banquet Hall and the Visitation Banquet Centre !

The Wabano Centre


If you are thinking of hosting your wedding at a hotel, think Le Chateau Laurier, The Brookstreet in Kanata and the Ottawa Marriott with it’s 360 revolving room over looking the Ottawa city.

Le Chateau Laurier

Source: Le Chateau Laurier Website

Gatineau Venues

Gatineau Wedding venues – The Gatineau wedding venues that we absolute love is definitely Le Belvedere . Le Belvédère is located a short drive north of Ottawa, nestled on a magnificent cliff near the historic riverside village of Wakefield Québec. It can host about 200 people. This venue is absolutely breathtaking and you would need to pay it a visit yourself to believe it. The ceremony location  over looks the Gatineau Hills-WOW. Have a wedding at the Mill. The Wakefield Mill is located in the Gatineau parks and this makes for beautiful enchanting wedding photos. The price point is very reasonable. Give it a try! Another new location is the Vignoble de Chelsea! I am dying to plan a wedding at this location.

Ottawa wedding venue

Le Belvedere. Photo from Love and Laughter Photography

vignoble chelsea

The Vignoble de Chelsea

Ottawa’s Newest Wedding Venue 

Think Aquatopia water garden conservative! Aquatopia is an elegant, glass-enclosed conservatory, home to a dramatic events venue, on-site café, completely immersive aquatic garden retail experience and the largest indoor water garden open to the public. Evermore Weddings & Events is an elegant country style wedding venue located on 45 acres of farmland close to Almonte!

Aquatopia weddings Ottawa

Source: Aquatopia- photo from website

I hope this gives you a great idea of venues that are located in and around the Ottawa area. Did we miss anything? Tell us in the comments below. If you need help planning weddings, please do not hesitate to contact us. Take a look at our partnered venues here!


Event planner canada

Happy Planning

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5 Mix and Match dresses that we love

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We are in love with Mix and Match bridesmaid dresses! Not only are they gorgeous, stylish and modern, but are perfect for bridesmaids that are on a budget! The dresses give the girls the opportunity to work with there different body sizes and shapes! We are all not the same 😉 Here are our top 5 picks!

Ottawa Bridesmaids dresses

Photo by Landon Jacob Productions via Style Me Pretty


Photo by Jenny Sun Photography via Style Me Pretty

Otttawa Wedding planner

 Photo by Amanda Suanne Photography

Ottawa Wedding planner

Photo by Jamie Street, Rad + In Love Photography

Wedding dresses

Dresses via Ted Baker, Photo by Jose Villa via Magnolia Rouge

Which is your favourite match?

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Fall 2015 Wedding Trends: From Vintage Classic to Cool

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Fall has always been a fun time to play with a colour palette. Like the leaves floating down from the trees, there are so many hues of red, green, yellow and purple to choose from.

But what stands out this year is the trend towards soft antique shades such as dusky rose and sage green, coupled by the punchier ones of navy or teal.



Let’s take a look at what some of the brides with a theme in mind will be wearing:

A Rustic/Vintage look might mean you can go with a sage green and white combo. Bouquets will add the accents to this muted palate.



RSVP Bouquet suggestion:

 White hydrangea, Ranunculus, Roses and Eucalyptus


Asters in burgundy and pink,  Cala lilies with similar coloured roses and green


For a Vintage with an added sense of fun are jewel-toned gowns. Each maid gets to shine in her own 1920s or 30s original gown. Hair bands, boas or fascinators complete this look, while the bride glows in her own retro white lace.







 Bouquet suggestions:

Large White and Pink Peonies, Roses, Russian Lavender with Ivy pieces, Ferns and ribbon pieces.



A Classy look for fall is the pairing of midnight blue or blackberry with white. Not only is this a classic look, but it is easy to work with and the contrast between bride and wedding party is dramatic.





RSVP Bouquet suggestions:

White hydrangea as the base, add Sonia roses, a dusky pink or a more sassy red. Again eucalyptus ties this together nicely.



A wedding in Teal and Gold is as eye-catching as an autumn afternoon. The rich tones of both of these colours lend themselves well to satin and silk fabrics. Decor-wise: Small lamps and candles hung from branches or in the trees cast a warm glow with this kind of palette

RSVP Bouquet suggestions:

Asters, Calendula, Sunflowers, Zinnia, Cala Lilies and Sumac leaves. 



From Rustic/Vintage to Classic – to Playful, Romantic or Chic, the trends of 2015 are as individual as you are.

 Have fun creating your ideal wedding!

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Monday Moments: The Capelli Club

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RSVP is excited to be partners with Ottawa’s, The Capelli Club to make your wedding day that much more dynamic. This one-of-a-kind studio, The Capelli (Italian for Hair) Club was created to offer beauty specialists, artists and designers the venue to practice their art. It is a boutique salon which inspires an innovative approach to hair and make-up while offering clients the additional comforts of a cappucino bar and free WIFI. Their location on 10 Bayswater Avenue uses the best hair products such as KMS California, Elumen and MAC cosmetics or make-up of equal quality such as Dior and Bobby Brown.
    As part of RSVP’s Wedding-in-a-Box package you too can experience the glamour The Capelli Club offers. Close to wedding day, the bride is sent helpful hair and make-up tips to help keep everything on time and beautiful. For example, Capelli recommends providing the plenty of straws for drinking water, coffee etc. to prevent lipstick from rubbing off.
  • To wash your face thoroughly, removing all make-up and eye-liner prior to the appointment and to exfoliate twice the week before to improve the skin’s appearance.
  • For pinned up hair do- it is important that it be washed the night and kept down and loose before a pinned up style as damp hair will create kinks. They find that freshly washed hair is too squeaky clean and doesn’t hold the pins as well.
  • Two other important things to remember- Don’t forget to bring your hairpieces for the Trail J and to bring your own lipstick to the appointment if you plan to touch up throughout the day/evening.

 The Beauty and Hair Specialists at the Capelli Club are happy to provide you with tips and advice during your consultation. They are proud to say that at TCC, “We are all about the details! From the wing of your liquid eye-liner to the fall of that perfect curl…”

9751832_orig capelli club6750132_orig





Photographers: Mike & Ness and Amy Pucci

New Wedding Ideas & Trends 2015

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Wedding styles seem to be growing with endless possibilities; it is remarkable we are expected to settle on one sole them – and stick with it! The influence of social media such as wedding bloggers and Pinterest open a new door for weddings, presenting all kinds of new ideas we never thought possible. The influence from these outlets have allowed the creation for wedding décor to flourish! We now have access to all kinds of DIY crafts, themes, bouquets, alternatives to alters and the list goes on and on, making it almost impossible to decide on one particular theme.

Whether you decide you want to stick with a traditional style wedding or branch out and try something new, there seems to be endless ideas for every bride and groom. However, if you are someone who isn’t sure and are caught between the two, the new 2015 trends compliment both styles, as it ties a traditional classic wedding with a fresh modern lift.

From foodie buffets to bouquets, here are the latest wedding trends for this 2015:


Floral Chandeliers: Hanging centerpieces



Flowers: Peonies & Eucalyptus

964c6b3fc5d11bb8053cf90d1084499f 0ffafb603d250419e0b8c6e77e183bdd

Bridal Party: One of a Kind & Mismatch



Wedding Invitations: Boho & Vintage Style



Refreshments: Craft Beer, Sangria & Local Labels

d50a73e172580ec1c50d8d79342abc78 79bc407280f70f6068fe5943798a7bd9

Cakes: Unfrosted or Hand Painted!

a70632114b921aea6bed675aa390f4a8 74e35affcd526dbc75d6343fa9beebbd


Head Table

Instead of the classical one line head table, we are now seeing tables set up with the bridal party seated on both sides – just like another guest table.


Tasting Stations: Foodie Buffets




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Photo Sources:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Bridal Couture – Plum Pretty Sugar

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PPS Couture is a new collection founded by Charlotte Hale and is the newest addition to the Plum Pretty Sugar brand. With having spent many years practicing the art of ballet, Charlotte’s past has given her a creative vision to design gowns for a breezy easy-lifestyle. Continuing with her signature look that started Plum Pretty Sugar, the new collection includes beautiful handcrafted gowns made from delicate chiffon and stunning silks. PPS Couture is made up of four feminine pieces, each covered with ethereal floral prints and blossoming silhouettes. Although the collection emphasizes femininity, Charlotte’s separates her gowns, from other collections by using boyish names to personalize each one.

If you are awaiting a unique, enchanting, flower like dress, RSVP recommends checking out the new PPS collection! Each gown is beautifully handcrafted in the USA and made from only the finest fabrics.


bill 2



















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Monday Moments: Radha Subramani

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Radha Subramani is one of RSVP’s favourite makeup and hair specialist! She has built quite the name for herself here in Ottawa, as she has a unique technique that remains different from others. Having been branded the queen of giving a flawless complexion, many brides book well in advance to have their makeup & hair done by her. Radka’s talent always leaves each bride feeling radiant and confident as they are now ready to take on their special day!

Since 2010, Radha’s mission has been to bring out each brides inner beauty to make them realize you can look just as amazing in the mirror as you feel inside. For this reason, Radha works with each bride to understand their needs, whether it be new trends or classic elegance, and incorporate them into the perfect look.

For Radha, her dream took off in 2013, when she brought bridal up-do specialist Jane Tenthorey on board and became a full-service bridal makeup + hair firm. They are now a full service bridal firm, with extensive multi-cultural experience. Their studio specializes in South Asian bridal hair + makeup + styling and are known for bridal applications, engagements, mehndi evenings, other special events and make-up lessons.

 We are excited to announce our new “Gold'” Wedding-in-a-Box Package includes her services! When booking the gold package with RSVP, you will receive makeup applications for 4 bridesmaids and 1 bride (yourself)!



make up







To see more of Radha and her teams work, check out her website:


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2015 Trends- Bridesmaids Dressess

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We are totally loving the printed bridesmaid dress look! They are not only for the bridesmaids, but any bride can wear this look as well. They are different options available out there from watercolours (Which we are sooooo in love with) to sequin and even polkadots! Just have fun with it,  especially if you are looking to be different. Take a look at some of our favourite options below.

2015 wedding trends 5217861987c54400x bridesmaids-styled-07-563x420 floral-print-bridesmaid-dresses-2 perth-australia-wedding-laurelville-042-563x375 polka_dot_bridesmiad_dresses_james_hill_reference_library_minnesota_wedding_colors_blush_black_spring_5-563x372 sequins_bridesmaid_dresses southern-wedding-lilly-pulitzer-bridesmaids-563x414

Source: Photo by Love Katie + Sarah via Ruffled / Photo by Josh Gruetzmacher via Style Me Pretty / Photo by Apryl Ann via Green Wedding Shoes / Photo by Heather Hester via Snippet and Ink / Photo by Anna Rose Photography via Ruffled / Photo by Amy Majors Photography via Grey Likes Weddings / Photo by Jarvie Studios / Photo by Virgil Bunao via Southern Weddings

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Wedding Shoes

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Wearing heels on your wedding day: Yes or No

Heels are known to instantly add glamour, style and elegance to your look, and not forgetting that they make you feel sexy. Your wedding dress is just as important as the shoes on your feet. You want to look good, but be comfortable.

Wedding shoes


Are you a heel kind of girl? Do you wear it out for your girls night out events, at the office or even just to hang out? If not, its best to start practicing. Walk around the office in them, around the house or whenever the opportunity presents itself. Keep in mind wearing heels constantly can result in bad posture, blisters and worse case scenario, a terrible injury should you fall and hurt yourself. By practicing, you lower the risks of these issues occurring as well as avoid embarrassing tumbles down the aisle.

Wedding shoes

Remember, your wedding day is going to be a long day. Secretly carry a pair of chic flats with you should your feet start to hurt for any reason.  You can even chose to alternate between the two, wear flats during dinner and change into your heels for your first dance. Just make sure they look suitable and they match the style of your wedding dress.

Wedding shoes


Don’t forget that pedicure!

Photos are compliments of Pinterest :)

I hope this helps.

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Valentines Day: Magic Mike

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Valentines Day: Magic Mike

Valentines Day Ottawa

Then JOIN US February 14th at the Centurion Center for an evening of:

Professional male dancers in costume
Fashion show
Pink limousine grand prize

Silent auctions
Kissing Booth games
Luxury gift bags
Cash bar
& much more….

Doors open at 6pm, first show starts at 7pm. 

Limited VIP tickets available for $65.00 and they include:

Luxury Swag bag

Glass of a wine

Group Photo with dancers

VIP Seating

Signature Drink

Free entry to the Magic Mike Mansion Nightclub after party.

Advanced tickets available for $45.00 and include:
Luxury Swag bag

General door Admission available for $55.00

Don’t miss out on an incredible night of fun, laughter and excitement. 

To purchase your VIP tickets in person please contact us at or 613-807-RSVP (7787). You can also go through Eventbrite!

Happy Planning! Contact us for more details.

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