Complimentary Wedding Planning Consultation

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Take advantage of our complimentary wedding consultation offered to couples. If you recently got engaged and have not booked any vendors, or if you are in the middle of planning but would like to know what RSVP Events can do for you, we suggest booking a complimentary consultation with one of our wedding specialists. This package is for the couple that wants to meet with a Wedding Planner to see how they can help you with your upcoming wedding. Our wedding specialist will help determine your needs and prepare a detailed wedding budget budget for  you and fiancé!

We will share with you some great wedding tips,  ideas, prepare a detailed wedding plan and agenda to ensure things run smoothly and offer you some peace of mind.

During your first complimentary consultation, we will discuss what you already envision for your wedding day. We will discuss theme ideas, food and entertainment preferences, and event design & logistics. At RSVP Events, we offer individualized attention and expert consultation to each client no matter how large or small the event or budget. We’ll assist you in planning an event with as much flare and individuality as you and your guests. We’ll help you nail down every minute detail and are always available to you for support by email or phone.

Let us help you take care of the details so that you can focus on what’s important, enjoying your event and entertaining your guests.

Here are a few things that you can expect us to be working one during your time with us: WEDDING PACKAGES

  • Budget development
  • Event design
  • Vendor management
  • Contract review and negotiations
  • Site selection
  • Wedding guests accommodations
  • Rehearsal
  • Day of coordination.

Our details wedding packages are available here:




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How much does an average wedding cost?

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You are engaged, excited and ready to plan a wedding. How much does a wedding really cost? The answer –  every wedding is different. Planning a down to earth, relaxed backyard BBQ wedding is different from planning an elaborate 350 person wedding. You still need to determine your wedding budget before going out and booking all your wedding vendors.

We will attempt to break down some costs for you – Based on a 100 person wedding.

Here’s how it breaks down…

The wedding venue, room rentals (including catering) eats up a third of the budget, at $9, 500
The rings and bands ring in at $3,000 (average)
The photographer snaps up $2,300
The gown costs $1,500- $3000
The decorations and floral arrangements $3,000
Videographer $2,700
The transportation and limos- $850.00
The cake eats up $550
Jewelry and accessories cost comes out to $250
The hair and makeup takes a $450 including trials
Party favors demands $250
Wedding DJ and Ceremony Music $1400
The invites, programs, and other stationary needs draw out $550

Average cost of a Wedding Planner from $950-$3000.00

Other things to consider:

  • Wedding tips
  • Cake cutting fees
  • Gifts to each other
  • Deliveries of items such as cake
  • Wedding dress alterations
  • Taxes
  • Corkage fees
  • Tear down fees
  • Church/ceremony and officiant
  • Open Bar

There’s still time to shed costs before the big day. Don’t panic. A specialized wedding planner can determine your needs and create a wedding budget that works for you.

This gives you a great idea on the costs of weddings. Your wedding cost more or less depending on packages offered per vendor.


Our clients Jen and Tim opted to use our Wedding in a box Package. We were honored to be part of their day!

Best Wedding planners Ottawa

Ottawa wedding planner

Wedding in a box

Wedding budget

All inclusive wedding package

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3 Simple ways to determine your wedding budget

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Today we give you three simple things to keep in mind when determining your wedding budget. They are 3 main factors that will really determine your wedding budget.

Mitch Lenet Photography

1. Number of guests–  It’s no brainer that the more number of guests you have, the more money you will spend.

2. Time of year– The summer months are certainly the most popular time to wed. With only so many Saturdays in Summer, most vendors try to make the most out of this. . Consider getting married during the week days or the off peak seasons. Be prepared to pay more during summer.

3. Style of wedding- Planning a glamorous wedding can definitely up the budget a little. Are you planning on focusing more on the overall look of your wedding? Planning on using lots of flowers? Do you want a lavish wedding cake?

You can certainly have a gorgeous wedding with the right budget. Having a 60 person wedding with gorgeous flowers everywhere, great food and open bar will have better quality than planning a 300 person wedding with bad food. You need to know what it is that is important to you.

Don’t forget to take a look at our popular Wedding in a box Package

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10 reasons to book Wedding in a Box

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10 reasons to Book Wedding in a Box

Wedding In a box

Ottawa Wedding

Wedding in a box package is one of Ottawa’s famous all inclusive weddings package  The all inclusive wedding package is designed to make any wedding planning stressful and simple especially for the busy bride. This is a high end quality package that offers all the major elements of planning a high-end, quality dream wedding at an affordable price with little to no hassle or stress.

These are the top 10 REASONS, why couples in Ottawa have booked this package: 

1. More bang for your buck

2. It offers added value for the price

3. Planning should be fun and not stressful. This package is exactly that, STRESS FREE

4. A professional Wedding planner to guide you through the planning process. This means, you can actually enjoy your actual wedding day

5. This All inclusive package is offered in Ottawa. No need for a passport, no flight bookings, no  stress of going down south necessary

6. Only trust worthy, professional and noteworthy vendors are part of this package. 

7. No hidden fees 

 8. This package is fun and easy

9. Its a flexible package. It offers you choices. You are able to customize the package to suit your needs.

10. It is a budget friendly package 

wedding in a box



Our mission: “Your one stop shop approach to all your major wedding needs at a fraction the price without relinquishing the beauty and quality of your dream wedding”

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5 Common Budget Questions

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5 Common Budget Questions

Save money for your wedding

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Here are a list of 5 common questions most couples tend to ask in regards to their Wedding. 

1. My Parents and future in-laws wish to contribute to the wedding financially. Do they have the rights to say how I spend the money they give me? 

The answer is yes. Most parents will decide not to say anything but others will want to be involved. Here are a few tips to work with  and guide them through the process. This will also reduce any tension during the planning process should you have any disagreement. If your parents are paying for the entire wedding, provide them with a list of your top 2 vendors in each category. Include all the pros and cons of each vendor so they have a better understanding to why you are choosing them (this should include quotes, the style of wedding that you prefer, what is included in each vendor package and which items are not included.) This will make them feel included in the decision making. 

If your parents are providing a set amount, lets say $5000.00, please thank them and ask them where they would like you to spend this money. This will also make them feel as though they were involved in the decision making. 

2. What if my family members do not come through with the finances that we were promised? 

We suggest asking for the money when you are ready to make a purchase. You can also have your parents send the money directly to the vendors if this will make it comfortable for them. You can also let them know that you have started the wedding planning and budgeting process and would like to know when to expect their part of the checks for deposits. Always have a back up plan in case your parents finances change and they are unable to come through. Things do happen. If you were really counting on their help and they are not able to provide, be prepared to change your wedding vision to meet your new budget. 

3. How can I avoid going over budget? 

We highly recommend hiring an event planner as they have great relationships with vendors that can save you a lot of money. Keep track of everything you are spending. This can quickly add up. The number of guests you have at your wedding can affect how much you spend. Look out for hidden fees or fees that you were not aware of, as this may not have been included in your budget (Tips, gratuities, taxes, etc) 

4. Is it okay to negotiate a price or ask vendors for discounts? 

You can always try. Some vendors do run specials in the low season, take advantage of this. Always tell your vendors what your budget is! They may be able to customize a package that works within your budget. Some vendors may not necessarily reduce the price or give a discount, but they may be able to add value. For example, a Photographer may include a $250.00 engagement shoot with a purchase of a full photography package worth $2500.00.  

5. What is the Most expensive time of the year to get married? 

Summer is the most expensive time, with weddings taking place between May and October. Lots of Brides are competing for venues and vendors around this time. Still want to have a summer wedding? Opt to have your wedding on a Thursday, Friday evening or a Sunday. 

Happy Planning! 

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