5 Reasons to hire a day-of wedding coordinator

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A day-of- wedding coordinator is considered as “a nice to have” option for most couples only if there is left over budget. A wedding coordinator should instead be considered has “a must have’ on your list when planning for your day. Top 5 reasons why we think you should invest on this.


Did you ask your cousin and her friends to help set up or decorate your tables? Did they volunteer to help if needed? They are your friends and family. Yes they want to help as much as possible. The bottom line is that they are there to enjoy and celebrate your day with everyone else. Wedding Coordination on the day is much more than setting up a table or the ceremony. It’s ensuring your vendors know what to do, where to set up, what time things are happening, trouble shooting and moving things around if things are running late. Hiring a wedding planner will ensure that all your to-dos are covered, allowing your family and friends to enjoy the day.


Without a wedding coordinator you will get interruptions from vendors – DJs, MC, Venue managers etc.  asking you several questions. Believe us when we say they have asked us questions through out the day. This is needed to ensure there no issues on the day. Let a wedding coordinator be the the trouble shooter and the in between go to person. We do have a detailed wedding itinerary that we use to ensure we are one step ahead.


A wedding planner will design a detailed event time line to ensure your day is smooth. The time line will have a line by line detailed list about what is coming next, what to expect and when to expect things to happen. This detailed wedding itinerary will allow your planner to make sure you don’t miss any special moments. We will also ensure special people, such as your parents do not miss anything.


Do you have a wedding decorator? Are you DIYing your decor, do you need a stylist to ensure it looks great. An event planner or stylist will ensure that your vision is brought to life just as you had imagined it. Let a professional handle this.


From developing a detailed time line, to vendor confirmations, decor set up and the overall management of the day details, a planner will ensure that every detail is taken care of and that everything runs smoothly. The less things that go wrong on the day, the better experience you and your guests will have.

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Wedding Day Coordinator, Why do I need one?

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Wedding Day Coordinator, Why do I need one?

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding season has begun. We know you are running around, trying to get last minute tasks done. You planned everything right up to now, that’s fantastic! You are very creative and have always dreamed of planning your own wedding.  And you want all your plans to come together as envisioned, on your actual wedding day. Your guests are usually unaware of everything going on behind the scenes to make sure everything is running as smoothly as planned.

Who is that person doing the running around? Who is giving direction to all the vendors making sure the right song is been played at the right time, that dinner is ready to go out for  6:30pm, or making sure the microphone is working for the Father of the Groom’s speech? You need someone to manage the day, making sure the caterer, the DJ, the decorators and photographers are all in place. Wait, where is the wedding cake?

So do I need a certified Wedding Coordinator?

You are now thinking a friend or reliable family member can coordinator your wedding. Why not? You are saving money right? That family member or friend was invited by you to enjoy the wedding day. Not to work. You don’t want them leaving at the end of the evening, feeling like they just worked a 12 hour shift, missing out on your first kiss, the cake cutting, group photos and much more. Sure they will say yes to help you. What friend would say no?

My venue has a coordinator?

Unless you have paid your venue coordinator extra to make sure they are coordinating your wedding day, they are most likely not going to do this. We mentioned earlier, this is a 12 hour or more job, (since we have to meet you up to a month before to ensure all contracts are revised and in place). The venue coordinator is there to ensure the venue is delivering what they promised. Which is the food and beverage, the setup of the venue (based on the floor plan you provide) and in most cases scheduling staff. They are not there to call the cake person, or the DJ to make sure they are coming to set up on time. Before assuming that the venue coordinator will coordinate your wedding plans, make sure you ask them before signing the contract. The venue coordinator and a wedding planner work together to ensure your wedding runs smoothly!

Does the wedding coordinator need to be professional or certified?

A professional and certified wedding planner is a trained person that has the background in wedding planning. They have either gone to school for this or have years of experience. They are well trained to take action in various situations that may occur, should anything happen. This makes them trustworthy to plan the one big day of your life. They are a neutral person at the wedding and do not need to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings if something does go wrong.

RSVP Events is certified through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and ABC.

Are you still asking whether you should hire a wedding planner?  

The answer is yes! If you can’t hire a wedding planner for the full planning, at least get someone professional for the wedding day Coordination. This will give you peace of mind and you will look cool!  You hired a wedding planner after all.

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