The “Shabby Chic” Wedding

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This year, more than ever, weddings have been following a new style known as “Shabby Chic”. The fun theme incorporates a distressed décor while still keeping the glamour of a fairytale wedding. The “Shabby” part of the wedding often includes aged items, such as old glasses and dish wear, wore out furniture and miss matched items. However, in order to tie in the “Chic,” feminine and romantic pieces such as flowers and crystals are then added to complete this trendy look.

How did it start?

Many brides may think their wedding is following a new generational trend; however, this popular décor style got its name back in the 1980’s in Great Britain when it was mentioned for the first time in “The World of Interiors” magazine.

It is said that this style of décor was born in Britain, as they are known for their love for historical pieces. In light of this, many of the old homes in Britain were owned by the upper class and were furnished with vintage furniture. It was for this reason, distressed furniture received the image of being stylish and started the trend all together. Now, we see it everywhere from home interiors, to restaurants to now weddings! People are even purposely buying new pieces and making them look old, in order to achieve the trendy “shabby chic” look.



Here is some “Shabby Chic” inspiration for your wedding…










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There are many perks to having a spring or summer wedding; one of them being all the beautiful blossoming flowers this time of year! Seeing as there are so many amazing colours, it is easy to make your own wedding accessories that look gorgeous and will save you big bucks. Therefore, why not DIY this summer and make your own wedding arrangements!

Here is a step by step process and some inspirational photos for colour coordinating:

What You’ll Need:


DIY Bouquet:

1a49871c21af8764cdb6d06c66f94aa0 DIY Boutonnieres:



Flower Crown: 


Others great ideas, that are inexpensive: 





We hope you enjoy these easy peasy ideas.

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