Drinking etiquette at weddings

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Drinking Etiquette at Weddings

September is a busy month with weddings and RSVP would like everyone to enjoy it responsibly. As a couple, we would like for you to keep a few things in mind when entertaining your guests. As a guest to a wedding, we would like for you to be responsible. Enjoy the wedding with these simple things in mind.

Brides and grooms:

  • Control the amount of drinks your guests consume at your wedding. Even with an open bar, you can control how much a guests can drink.  Have the bar open during the cocktail period for about an hour and half. Offer signature drinks if possible. This will limit hard liquor been consumed right at the very beginning of the event. Close the bar during dinner for a period of 2 hours. And open it up again after the dinner. We recommend offering your guests wine during the dinner.
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Offer signature drinks during cocktail period

  • Offer Food during the cocktail period to balance the drinking. You can be creative with this and incorporate your wedding theme. Make it cute! Offer food again for a late night snack while the party is in full motion. Popular items for this is : Poutine, cocktail sandwiches, pizza, veggie platters etc.

Have some Hors D'oeuvres

  • Have a limited selection to your bar instead of a fully stocked bar. For example you can have one type of beer/ House wine (Red & White) and Pop.  Which ever selection you choose to have, make it limited one. Do not allow your guests to do shots. Ask the venue or bar tender to monitor this.
  • Book your wedding reception preferably at a hotel so you can offer guests options to stay at the hotel, or choose  a venue that is close to a hotel or some sort of accommodation. Ask your venue if they have partnered with hotels so you can take advantage of special rates. You can also call hotels directly to inquiry about special rates. Pass this information on to your guests when you have it. And on the night of the wedding ask the MC/ DJ to make an announcement about the accommodation arrangements that guests have. Your guests will appreciate it.

Block hotel rooms for your guests

  • Use services such as Responsible choice! They will drive you and your car home! Make this number available to your guests as well as a taxi number!


  • Don’t drink and drive. Book a hotel room if you can.
  • Have a designated drive with you
  • Call a taxi to get you home (make this arrangement before you leave your house)
  • Control your drinking. It is a wedding, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!

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