Fall 2015 Wedding Trends: From Vintage Classic to Cool

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Fall has always been a fun time to play with a colour palette. Like the leaves floating down from the trees, there are so many hues of red, green, yellow and purple to choose from.

But what stands out this year is the trend towards soft antique shades such as dusky rose and sage green, coupled by the punchier ones of navy or teal.


Source: stylemepretty.com

Let’s take a look at what some of the brides with a theme in mind will be wearing:

A Rustic/Vintage look might mean you can go with a sage green and white combo. Bouquets will add the accents to this muted palate.


Source: magnoliarouge.com

RSVP Bouquet suggestion:

 White hydrangea, Ranunculus, Roses and Eucalyptus


Asters in burgundy and pink,  Cala lilies with similar coloured roses and green


For a Vintage with an added sense of fun are jewel-toned gowns. Each maid gets to shine in her own 1920s or 30s original gown. Hair bands, boas or fascinators complete this look, while the bride glows in her own retro white lace.

Source: southboundbride.com

Source: southboundbride.com

Source: intimateweddings.com

Source: intimateweddings.com


Source: magnoliarouge.com

 Bouquet suggestions:

Large White and Pink Peonies, Roses, Russian Lavender with Ivy pieces, Ferns and ribbon pieces.


Source: modwedding.com

A Classy look for fall is the pairing of midnight blue or blackberry with white. Not only is this a classic look, but it is easy to work with and the contrast between bride and wedding party is dramatic.

Source: www.eugenegrace.com/

Source: www.eugenegrace.com

Source: lovemydress.net

Source: lovemydress.net

RSVP Bouquet suggestions:

White hydrangea as the base, add Sonia roses, a dusky pink or a more sassy red. Again eucalyptus ties this together nicely.

Source: www.elizabethannedesigns.com/

Source: www.elizabethannedesigns.com

A wedding in Teal and Gold is as eye-catching as an autumn afternoon. The rich tones of both of these colours lend themselves well to satin and silk fabrics. Decor-wise: Small lamps and candles hung from branches or in the trees cast a warm glow with this kind of palette

RSVP Bouquet suggestions:

Asters, Calendula, Sunflowers, Zinnia, Cala Lilies and Sumac leaves. 

Source: www.elizabethannedesigns.com

Source: www.elizabethannedesigns.com

From Rustic/Vintage to Classic – to Playful, Romantic or Chic, the trends of 2015 are as individual as you are.

 Have fun creating your ideal wedding!

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Sussex’s Wedding Boutique Slips Away at the Eleventh Hour

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Just when you thought everything was finally booked and going according to plan, you head to Sussex Drive to gaze at your darling dress one more time. To your surprise you have just learned that the beautiful wedding gown you have had your eye on in the window at McCaffrey Haute Couture is gone! Nonetheless, it is not just your dream dress that has been removed, it is all the other merchandise in the store as well. The windows are dark, the displays are bare and there is a bankruptcy notice hanging from the door. You slowly start to feel your gut turn inside out as you realize your wedding dream dress has just turned into a wedding nightmare!

If this story sounds familiar, you are not alone. It was announced on July 20th that the couture bridal shop we all love to stroll by in downtown Ottawa is now bankrupt! Unfortunately, this means only 50 brides will be receiving their McCaffrey gowns; leaving 20 brides dress-less for their late summer or early fall wedding. This painful short notice leaves very little time for these brides to scramble for something new.


bridal shop

For 18 years, brides from all across Canada and even the world would travel to McCaffrey Haute Couture in hopes of finding the perfect dress. However, the company was almost $400,000 in debt due to owing various creditors. David McCaffrey blames this current state of affairs on the endless years of construction.  Whatever the case may be, RSVP Events along with many other future brides and window shoppers will be sad to say goodbye to the corner boutique we all loved to admire.









RSVP wants to lend a helping hand to these brides as well as any others who have encountered a similar situation, by providing some tips for last minute dress shopping.

1. Bring a close friend

Invite a true friend to come with you dress shopping. Someone who knows your style and will be honest so you can pick a dress that is just as flattering on you as it is on the hanger.

 2. Go to a store where you can actually touch the dresses

Fabrics can look different in pictures; even the dress itself may look completely different when you see it in person.

3. Go to a store with an in-house seamstress

Since you are on a time crunch, meaning no more time for hiccups, an in-house seamstress is the best option. They are familiar with all the dresses they carry and will be able to give you helpful advice for what will work best.

4. Keep an open mind

Try not get caught up in finding your perfect imaginary dress. Let go – and try on all different styles; you might be pleasantly surprised.

5. Don’t worry about getting locked in

If you are really not sure, why not buy two and sell the one you do not end up wearing online. It’s always good to have options :)

6. Buy a dress that fits

Do not buy a dress too small, thinking you will have time to work off some extra weight in-between now and your big day. You most likely won’t!


We also recommend checking out some of our favourite bridal shops:

Luxe Bridal Boutique

Dominique Levesque bridal

With Love Bridal Boutique



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Photo Sources: hotpinkbrides.com, www.ctvnews.ca, marrymeproductions.com

New Wedding Ideas & Trends 2015

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Wedding styles seem to be growing with endless possibilities; it is remarkable we are expected to settle on one sole them – and stick with it! The influence of social media such as wedding bloggers and Pinterest open a new door for weddings, presenting all kinds of new ideas we never thought possible. The influence from these outlets have allowed the creation for wedding décor to flourish! We now have access to all kinds of DIY crafts, themes, bouquets, alternatives to alters and the list goes on and on, making it almost impossible to decide on one particular theme.

Whether you decide you want to stick with a traditional style wedding or branch out and try something new, there seems to be endless ideas for every bride and groom. However, if you are someone who isn’t sure and are caught between the two, the new 2015 trends compliment both styles, as it ties a traditional classic wedding with a fresh modern lift.

From foodie buffets to bouquets, here are the latest wedding trends for this 2015:


Floral Chandeliers: Hanging centerpieces



Flowers: Peonies & Eucalyptus

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Bridal Party: One of a Kind & Mismatch



Wedding Invitations: Boho & Vintage Style



Refreshments: Craft Beer, Sangria & Local Labels

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Cakes: Unfrosted or Hand Painted!

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Head Table

Instead of the classical one line head table, we are now seeing tables set up with the bridal party seated on both sides – just like another guest table.


Tasting Stations: Foodie Buffets




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