Ottawa Wedding Venue

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Today we highlight Ottawa’s wedding venue Orchard View Weddings and Events!  Are you looking for a rustic yet elegant wedding venue? Then you might want to consider this venue. We are always blown away by the beauty of the grounds and landscape. We consider Orchard view as Ottawa’s destination wedding venue.

Here’s a quick sneak peek of some weddings we have planned at this gorgeous venue.

Ottawa wedding venue

Ottawa Wedding venue

Out door Ottawa wedding

Ottawa wedding ceremony

Ottawa wedding venue

Photo credit: Ashley Notley Photographer

Ottawa wedding venues

Ottawa budget wedding

Ottawa wedding venue

Wedding venue Ottawa

Photographer: Thorne Foto

Orchard view weddings

Orchard view weddings Ottawa

Ottawa outdoor wedding

Orchard view weddings

Ottawa wedding venue

Ottawa wedding planner
Photo: Mitch Lenet Photography

Orchard view wedding and events is part of our wedding in a box package. For a information visit My wedding in a box!

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Wedding Planning-Feeling overwhelmed?

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Planning any event in general can get overwhelming, stressful and a lot to handle. Between juggling a career for some, school and even kids, it gets hard to find the extra time needed to deal with all the little details that is involved in planning a wedding. We are hoping our tips will allow you to feel more relaxed and ready to tackle the tasks involved in planning a wedding!

Melanie Rabane Photography

Photo credit: Melanie Rebane Photography


– Create a timeline outlining all the major tasks that needs to get done. For each task that you outline, allocate an appropriate amount of time to get through that particular task. You might also want to delegate some tasks, eg. : 1. Groom: Create realistic wedding budget 2.Bride- Source out potential wedding venue.  Set aside one day a week to talk about your progress and what you have accomplished. If you don’t get to a task (because life happens, as we all know), don’t stress yourself.  Adjust the due date!

Decision making

 -Take your time deciding on the vendors that you want to book. Deal with one vendor at a time as this can become overwhelming. Schedule all your payment to stay on top of it.

Have an Overall Picture

– Have an overall idea of what you would like your wedding to look and feel like. Create a list of the must have items vs. it would be nice to have if the budget allows list. Stick to your plan as much as possible otherwise things can start to get stressful very fast. If you mind is set on getting a photobooth but you do not have the budget for it, let it go if it is on your “it would be nice to have list if the budget allows”. Definitely compromise as much as possible. I would greatly suggest making this list as soon as the budget is created. It will make it very easy on you.

Wedding in a box package

– As wedding planners we offer amazing wedding package to suit any bride and grooms needs. Take a look at our Wedding in a box package as a possible option. Wedding in a Box is an all-inclusive bundle that offers all the major elements of planning a high-end, quality dream wedding at an affordable price with little to no hassle or stress.

Remember that this wedding is about YOU and YOUR partner! Don’t stress too much about everyone else’s opinion. Enjoy the planning process!

If you are still feeling overwhelmed and interested in professional planning help, please feel free to reach out to us at

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Mike & Ness

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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of teaming up with the dynamic duo, Mike & Ness for the first time ever. From the moment I met the two at Genevieve and Patrick’s wedding rehearsal, I knew this would be the start of something great. The couple was so much fun to work with – any reservations I had walking into that rehearsal were immediately eliminated by the warm smiles on both their faces. When I looked over and saw Mike and Ness giving the family a warm welcome as they entered the church, I was quickly reassured – these guys have something special, I thought to myself.

One day later, we woke up to the inviting summer warmth which welcomed Genevieve and Patrick’s big day. That morning Mike and Ness needed to be at two places at once, and what better way to accomplish this potentially difficult task, than by assigning it to a duo! Ness headed to the bride’s hotel room to capture the her morning memories, while Mike was needed early at the ceremony for boutonniere pinning with the groom and groomsmen. Following the morning preparations and a lovely fairytale ceremony, we headed for the reception at the Holiday Inn in Kanata.

Once Divine and I sat down for dinner with Mike and Ness, we got to learn more about how the two love birds united. The couple met nine years ago, thanks to a shared sense of humour and a love for pirates. After hearing how both share a love for expressing theirselves in a creative way and how they are easily inspired by the beautiful things around them, I was not surprised they had found each other – the perfect match.

Ness has always been artistic; drawing, painting and sewing since the time she was young. Having a creative eye, Ness went on to pursue the Graphic Design program at Algonquin College. It was not long after graduating that she discovered where her true passion lay – photography! She decided this was the direction she wanted to take and her partner Mike supported the idea as this too, was something he very much enjoyed. The two quickly discovered that doing wedding photo shoots gave them the most pleasure.

Micheal Pacitto


 “There is nothing more fun than being surrounded by happy, and positive people all day long!” –Mike


Ness McCutcheon


“When wedding season hits, I’m always so thrilled to see what new and creative ideas couples have thought up to make a day that is uniquely theirs.”- Ness

Once the couple realized they share the same excitement and dedication for not only photography, but weddings, the two decided to take the plunge and start their own wedding photography business, giving birth to Mike &Ness Photography.

Mike and Ness are currently living in Kemptville, Ontario and already are busy with a summer fully booked with weddings. It is easy to see that the secret of this humble couple’s success stems from their individual talents which compliment each other so beautifully.


“Ness and I work so well together. I wouldn’t be the photographer I am today without her. Having someone to rely on every step of the way through a long and stressful wedding means I can focus on keeping the energy, and positivity high through out.” – Mike

I think I speak for all RSVP when I say we are ecstatic to have teamed up with Mike & Ness as they are now featured in our Wedding-in-a-Box package as well as one our preferred photographers we recommend to all our clients.

We look forward to joined forces again shortly!




To see More of Mike & Ness’s work click HERE!


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