Monday Morning Spotlight: Taylor Roades Photography

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Today’s spotlight shines on a young photographer from Victoria, BC, Taylor Roades. Although, she is fairly new to the business, her photos show nothing but pure talent. Taylor has a unique style and an eye to capture a moment that is so pure; she sees what most of us simply miss.

Over the past four years, photography has taken Taylor across the world.  Her adventures entail traveling through the Canadian Rockie Mountains all the way to the Scottish Highlands- shutter clicking every step of the way. Aside from Taylor’s very well documented life, she has also photographed weddings across Canada, England and the Bahamas!

There is no doubt, Taylor has busy summer ahead full with weddings, which is why RSVP Events was thrilled to have come across such an amazing young artist!  Keep your eyes open this 2015; I am sure we will be seeing Taylor Roades capture many important occasions this year.

Although, we are in love with all Taylor Roades’ photos, below are some of our favourites.

for-barb-0011-1560x1040 grey-hound-0799 taylor-roades-photography-portfolio-0207-1560x1040 taylor-roades-photography-portfolio-0215-1560x1040 taylor-roades-photography-portfolio-0331-1560x1040 taylor-roades-photography-portfolio-0341-1560x1040 taylor-roades-photography-portfolio-0352-1560x1040 toronto-wedding-photography-1276 verity-gavin-wedding-149-1560x1040 verity-gavin-wedding-206-1560x1040 verity-gavin-wedding-208-1560x1040 verity-gavin-wedding-229-1560x1040 verity-gavin-wedding-429-1560x1040 verity-gavin-wedding-557-1560x1040 verity-gavin-wedding-611-693x1040 verity-gavin-wedding-701-1560x1040

If you would like to see more of Taylor’s lovely documented photos, check out her website:


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Destination Wedding Ottawa

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Destination Wedding- Ottawa is a great place

Ottawa wedding

If you’re thinking of having a destination wedding, why not get married in Ottawa,  Canada’s nation capital?  With its beautiful heritage buildings, landmarks and friendly people why not turn the whole experience into a great holiday gateway for all your guests? RSVP Events has partnered with countless venues for you to choose from to ensure your wedding day is a memorable event.

Destination weddings can be overwhelming at times, especially if you have no idea how to get started with the planning. The distance, the time difference and other factors can make it difficult to plan a wedding from afar. Don’t get us wrong, it can also be a very exciting thing, a spontaneous move and a truly romantic experience if you know exactly what you want. Your guests will have the time of their lives with the different events offered around the city. Join us in the summer around July and enjoy a true Canada day celebration downtown with fireworks or have a winter wonderland wedding and take advantage of the moment to skate on the Rideau Canal. Anything goes here. Let the team at RSVP help you plan a wedding of your dreams by adding a true Canadian feel to it.

With our all-inclusive wedding package, “My Wedding in a Box”, you can rest assured that you will be well taken care of. This package is designed to offer all the major elements of planning a high-end wedding at an affordable price with no hassle giving you more time to enjoy your visit in Ottawa and to also entertain your out of town guests.

Whether you are looking at having a rustic wedding in one of our partnered venues, Orchardview wedding & conference centre or prefer to have an amazing evening with the view of the City, Ottawa Marriott offers a 360 degree view of the capital. Whatever way you wish to go “My Wedding in a Box” will make this possible.

The package includes venue and food for your guests, wedding photography for your wedding day,wedding limo for the bridal party, wedding cake, wedding decoration, hair and make up for the bride, wedding DJ, floral and a fully certified wedding planner to take care of all the details.

This is truly a one stop shop approach to all your major wedding needs. We would be happy to set up an in person appointment should you be in town or a Skype session if your are planning from afar.

Your one stop shop approach to all your major wedding needs at a fraction the price without relinquishing the beauty and quality of your dream wedding. 

Contact our Event Specialists today


10 top reasons to book wedding in a box


Wedding In A Box

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We relaunched our Wedding in a box package at the Wedding Palace bridal show January 11th & 12th. We are happy to be working with most of you this year and for the 2015 season! Welcome…Here are a few photos that the lovely Melissa from Melissa Johnston Photography captured, thank you again.

Wedding planner Ottawa

Wedding planners

Wedding planner Ottawa


Ottawa wedding show

Wedding in a box

Ottawa wedding


My wedding in a box


Happy Planning! Contact us for more details.

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When one of my best friends asked me to be her wedding planner, I was more than thrilled to accept. Take an African groom and mix it up with a St Lucian Princess, we have a recipe for great fun! And this wedding was more than fun. Enjoy the photos xoxAfrican Wedding

African Wedding

African Wedding

DSC0018 DSC0021 DSC0028


















Wedding planner Ottawa

African Wedding

Parent of the Bride

African Wedding


Make up: Amazing Looks 

Ceremony Music: Amanda

Wedding Decor & Styling: RSVP

Photographer: Doire Photography

Call us today to plan your special day!

Modern and rustic Wedding

August 30, 2013 / one comment

Modern and Rustic Wedding

RSVP was thrilled to style this wedding. It was a mix of modern and rustic look for this wedding. Our team had so much fun styling it. Enjoy the photos! 

Purple wedding

Ottawa Wedding

Ottawa Weddng

Modern and rustic Wedding

Rustic VS Modern

Ottawa Wedding Planner

Ottawa Wedding Planner

Wedding planner

Please call RSVP today for all your styling needs: RSVP

Wedding Day Coordinator, Why do I need one?

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Wedding Day Coordinator, Why do I need one?

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding season has begun. We know you are running around, trying to get last minute tasks done. You planned everything right up to now, that’s fantastic! You are very creative and have always dreamed of planning your own wedding.  And you want all your plans to come together as envisioned, on your actual wedding day. Your guests are usually unaware of everything going on behind the scenes to make sure everything is running as smoothly as planned.

Who is that person doing the running around? Who is giving direction to all the vendors making sure the right song is been played at the right time, that dinner is ready to go out for  6:30pm, or making sure the microphone is working for the Father of the Groom’s speech? You need someone to manage the day, making sure the caterer, the DJ, the decorators and photographers are all in place. Wait, where is the wedding cake?

So do I need a certified Wedding Coordinator?

You are now thinking a friend or reliable family member can coordinator your wedding. Why not? You are saving money right? That family member or friend was invited by you to enjoy the wedding day. Not to work. You don’t want them leaving at the end of the evening, feeling like they just worked a 12 hour shift, missing out on your first kiss, the cake cutting, group photos and much more. Sure they will say yes to help you. What friend would say no?

My venue has a coordinator?

Unless you have paid your venue coordinator extra to make sure they are coordinating your wedding day, they are most likely not going to do this. We mentioned earlier, this is a 12 hour or more job, (since we have to meet you up to a month before to ensure all contracts are revised and in place). The venue coordinator is there to ensure the venue is delivering what they promised. Which is the food and beverage, the setup of the venue (based on the floor plan you provide) and in most cases scheduling staff. They are not there to call the cake person, or the DJ to make sure they are coming to set up on time. Before assuming that the venue coordinator will coordinate your wedding plans, make sure you ask them before signing the contract. The venue coordinator and a wedding planner work together to ensure your wedding runs smoothly!

Does the wedding coordinator need to be professional or certified?

A professional and certified wedding planner is a trained person that has the background in wedding planning. They have either gone to school for this or have years of experience. They are well trained to take action in various situations that may occur, should anything happen. This makes them trustworthy to plan the one big day of your life. They are a neutral person at the wedding and do not need to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings if something does go wrong.

RSVP Events is certified through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and ABC.

Are you still asking whether you should hire a wedding planner?  

The answer is yes! If you can’t hire a wedding planner for the full planning, at least get someone professional for the wedding day Coordination. This will give you peace of mind and you will look cool!  You hired a wedding planner after all.

Contact us today for more information about our services.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Source: Society Bride


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Vote for RSVP Events as Best New Event Planner in Ottawa for 2013! RSVP Events has been nominated for Best new wedding planner in Ottawa! All your votes are greatly appreciated. Please click the image below to cast your vote!



Thank you for all your help!

Cassandre & Richard, Married

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Richard came to me about 6/7 months ago wanting to plan a very small, intimate wedding. Cassandre’s family is from Haiti and they were concerned about family not been able to make it for the wedding. Cassandre & Richard were eventually married on April 6th, 2013 surrounded by all their friends and family from all over the world! 

When I first met Cassandre, all she wanted was flowers! “Flowers everywhere” is what she told me. Her favourite colour is Fuchsia! This immediately set the tone & theme for her fairytale wedding. Flowers and Fuchsia it was for this bride. 

My favourite part of the planning process, was  helping Cassandre bring her family from Haiti. It was a hard process with all the visa issues, but they all made it eventually. I ensured everyone was properly booked in to their hotel. This made her extremely happy as it was important that her family attend the wedding!

 Food is extremely important to Cassandre’s mother; we had to make sure some Haitian dishes were included for those coming from Haiti. This made for a very fun food tasting session. The DJ set the mood for the evening by playing some traditional music. I had to stop myself from joining in. The music had everyone dancing for the rest of the evening.

I loved every single part of this beautiful wedding! 

Ottawa Wedding dress

Ottawa Wedding dress

Wedding rings

Wedding ring

wedding flowers

Wedding Bouquet

Ottawa wedding decor

Wedding planning

Ottawa Wedding

Ottawa Wedding Planner

All wedding vendors involved:

Wedding Planner: RSVP Events

Wedding Photographer: Love & Laughter Photography

Videographer: Kayo

Hair:Amazing Looks- Antonia Fragnito

Wedding Cake: Thimble Cakes

Wedding Decor & Flowers: In house by RSVP Events

Make Up Artists: Business of Beauty

We would like to thank everyone that participated in making Cassandre and Richard’s Fairytale wedding come true!

Happy Planning! @divineplanner85

Dress the Groom

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Today’s blog will be focusing on how to help the groom stand out on his big day. The bride gets all the attention; do you want to stand out? Whether you are looking to stand out from the rest of the groomsmen, the rest of the men in the crowd or you are just seeking the same attention as the bride, here are a few tips to help you on your big day.

Tuxedo VS a Suit – If your groomsmen are wearing a suit, opt to wear a tuxedo. Or you can simply wear a jacket that is a different colour all together.

Wedding Boutonniere- Add a boutonniere to your outfit to give it a little pop of colour. We suggest having one solid colour, preferably the colour theme of the wedding and your groomsmen having another color.

A Tie VS a Bow Tie – Your tie or bowtie should be a different color or shade from the rest of the guys in the wedding party. Go with something that is plaid, stripes or something with print (Your wedding date)

Vestswe have seen men wear just a vest, very popular with outdoor weddings. If all the groomsmen are also going to wear a vest, opt for a different color vest or something with a different texture.












Bridal Party    Ottawa groom









Happy Planning! @divineplanner85