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Wearing heels on your wedding day: Yes or No

Heels are known to instantly add glamour, style and elegance to your look, and not forgetting that they make you feel sexy. Your wedding dress is just as important as the shoes on your feet. You want to look good, but be comfortable.

Wedding shoes


Are you a heel kind of girl? Do you wear it out for your girls night out events, at the office or even just to hang out? If not, its best to start practicing. Walk around the office in them, around the house or whenever the opportunity presents itself. Keep in mind wearing heels constantly can result in bad posture, blisters and worse case scenario, a terrible injury should you fall and hurt yourself. By practicing, you lower the risks of these issues occurring as well as avoid embarrassing tumbles down the aisle.

Wedding shoes

Remember, your wedding day is going to be a long day. Secretly carry a pair of chic flats with you should your feet start to hurt for any reason.  You can even chose to alternate between the two, wear flats during dinner and change into your heels for your first dance. Just make sure they look suitable and they match the style of your wedding dress.

Wedding shoes


Don’t forget that pedicure!

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This is your big day, and you want to look good. You got your dream wedding dress. This is just the starting point. Do not forget your clutch, the shoes and the jewelry. Here is our top 5 favorite picks to help you stand out on your wedding day.

  1. Short Bird Cage-Veil (Add a flower to it)

short birdcage  

2. Wedding Head band wedding Head band   3.Shoe love– If you have a simple dress, wear a shoe that stands out. This one has glitter on it

Wedding shoes

4. Wedding clutch– This is a vintage clutch with a Great Gatsby inspiration feel to it. 

Great Gatsby wedding inspiration

5. Jewelry– Don’t forget the Jewelry. This piece is vintage inspired! 

Wedding Jewelry

Tell us how you will be accessorizing your big day by leaving a comment below. Fee free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

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