Corporate events with Style

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Take your event to the next level by making it chic and sophisticated. The easiest and simplest way to do that is by using lounge furniture. High end lounging furniture! Lounge furniture can add so much class to any event.

Here are a few reasons why it works with corporate events.

  • Perfect for filling out empty places especially if you are using an extremely large room
  • Gives an area for people to talk privately before an event starts 
  • Adds to the overall look and theme of the event
  • It provides seating especially during the cocktail time 
  • It’s great opportunity for people to sit, socialize before the event 

Keep in mind that they are out door furniture and those that you can use inside. The furniture should definitely match your theme and colours.

Here are a few furniture to drool over:

Corporate lounge furniture

Source: Guidesoutdoor corporate lounge furniture

Source: Biz bash

Cocktail furniture decor

Source: Intimate events

Corporate event planning ottawa

Ottawa event planners

Ottawa corporate decorator

Source: Mode

If you are looking for an event specialist and stylist to help you take your next event from boring to talk of the town, contact us today! Take a look at our themed event blog. 

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Are you planning to use a theme for your next corporate event? Themes are a great way to increase your events overall feel and appeal which guarantees that you stand out from every other event there is in your area. The benefits of using a themed event is that it will get guests to get more engaged with the event. You can also encourage your guests to participate by embracing the theme (The Great Gatsby theme will encourage fashion from the 1920s). Kris Jenner recently threw a Great Gatsby Themed Birthday party.

Great Gatsby Themed party

When picking or choosing a theme, consider what’s relevant during the time of your event. This year we saw the release of the new Cinderella movie which was a remake, you could chose to have a castle themed elite event at Le Chateau Laurier for example- The ladies could dress in ball gowns and tuxedos for the men. You could end the event right at the stroke of midnight.

Keep in mind that your theme should fit your organization brand and the overall goal of the event.

Masquerade ball themed event

Masquerade Ball Theme

Here are 5 steps to ensure you plan an elegant and fun themed event for your next Corporate event.

1. Once you have pin-pointed your theme and have decided on something that works for your company, stick to it. Every move you make now in terms of the event should be the first thing you think about. Make sure the entertainment, signage, key messaging, decor and stationary reflect this theme. If possible choose a venue that will work well with your theme. See our guide here on how to choose a venue. 

2. Think outside the box. Having a theme for your event means that you will now have to be creative. You might have to DIY some elements to the event. Don’t do half done work. You really want to wow your guests. If you are having a tiki island themed event, consider getting large planters to really make the theme work. In other words-be creative. Hire the help of a stylist if you are not sure how to go about it. At the end of the day, think of how your guests will enjoy the day, the food and the chance to get dressed. Your clients will talk about this event for months to come and would want to return with more people, meaning more business.

Tiki Beach corporate event

Tiki Beach Theme

3. Stationary and signage. To keep the theme consistent make sure everything you put out works. Your invitation, newsletters, programs, posters all need to compliment and fit the theme. The signage on the event is really a big one. Your guests should feel like they arrived at the right venue and event from the get go. No guessing.

moulin-rouge-entrance corporate events

Moulin Rouge Theme

4. Don’t forget your guests. Everyone loves themed events. Choose a theme that can get them to really participate. Let the guests know in advance about the theme and the different ways they can dress up. This will help in encouraging participation.

Themed events in Ottawa

Masquerade ball Ottawa

5. Invest in your next event. Let an event specialist company  organize your next event. Work with them to bring your theme to life. They can also assist you by finding the perfect venue, entertainers, caterers, and all this will reflect your theme.

For more help about planning your next themed event or discussing more opportunities contact RSVP Events today.

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Planning a Chic Corporate Gala

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Are you a Corporate company in Ottawa looking to host a Gala? Are you planning a fundraising gala event? We will be outlining our top 6 amazing ways to plan a chic corporate gala! At RSVP Events, we are known to keep with current times and styles. Elegance, chic and modern is what we aim to work with in order to give you a more elite event. This approach will attract a bigger, more elite clientele  and makes any event more profitable every year for years to come!

Planning a successful gala requires commitment, resources and a team of knowledgeable individuals who can pull it off.  You want the event to be successful in every sense and that means doing it right the first time. If you are a Charity Corporation or a Not-for-Profit, you normally rely on annual galas for essential cash flow, donations and above all raising awareness for the cause.

Follow these amazing steps to plan your next chic and successful Gala with style.

SAVE THE DATE Pick your date as early as possible. Keep in mind that thousands of businesses plan events every year.  You do not want other event overshadowing your event. You must also ensure that the date does not conflict with other religious holidays, large city events such as a hockey games or other competing galas. You will be fighting for sponsors and ticket sales.

VENUE Remember we are throwing a chic event. Pick a venue that will reflect this style.  We are looking for a modern, unique and chic venue. Ottawa has a few of these venues.  If you are interested in Hotels, think Le Chateau Laurier, Brookstreet Hotel, Ottawa Marriott and the Hilton Lac Leamy! Museums are also a great location for corporate events- Museum of Nature and The Museum of History or the War Museum will certainly wow your guests.  Ottawa does have a lot of beautiful venues. Find the right venue with RSVP Events. 

EVENT GOALS What are you hoping to achieve with your event? How many guests are you hoping will attend the event? What are your revenue streams during the event? Are you hosting a silent and live Auction? Your goals will help shape and direct where the event is heading. Your event planner can help you achieve this.

STAND OUT Determine what you can use to stand out. What will attract clients to your event? This can be achieved by having a celebrity speak out at your event, maybe wowing all your guests with amazing entertainment, maybe a celebrity chef? You will know what will stand by understanding your target market.

Guests speaker for your gala

BE DIFFERENT Donating money to a cause or charity looks good for any company. Every other company is doing exactly that. What will make your event stand out? Offer something different that others are not doing. Perhaps offering culture foods and elements for your guests? Corporate planning with RSVP Events

HIRE AN EVENT PLANNER/ DESIGNER Companies often underestimate the time and efforts it takes to pull to plan an events especially a successful  gala. Most companies expects an internal employee to plan the event and this employee may already have a huge work load to balance. In order to get the best results, invest in a professional team of planners and designers and take the stress off of your staff. When the day finally comes, your planner will have the décor and production covered, while your staff can enjoy the night and schmooze and migle with donors.

GUESTS Ensure your guests are having a great time. Provide great entertainment to keep them entertained through out the event. Ideally you want the guests to stay until the very end. Have live performances, photobooths, live music or some great ways for interactions.

Corporate Gala Ottawa

Ottawa Events

Event Planner RSVP Events

Contact us today to plan your next Chic Gala-

Photo credit: Amar Auluck Phototgraphy & Love and Laughter photography

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Help Save the Day – Christmas is Only 120 Away!

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Did you know that its 120 days until Christmas Eve? So…you say? It’s sunny today, a high of 30degrees and only 5 more days until the weekend. Why think of Christmas?!

Well…what if you draw the short straw and get stuck with planning the office staff party this year? It’s not a last minute kind of task either, as calling around to book a venue in November can be too late. And if you do manage to find something, it’s tempting to fall into planning the same old things to save time.

Why not let RSVP help you plan this year a party that is hassle-free but definitely memorable. Choose from one of our 13 fabulous partner venues and with the help of one of our experienced planners, pull off a class act.

christmas 2

christmas 4

christmas 5

The Brookstreet in Kanata is one of our finest recommendations. This four diamond boutique hotel is known for their fine dining and chic, contemporary decor.

While Ottawa’s centrally located Marriott Inn offers a selection of spaces to party well into the night. Celebrating the festive season at The Summit, a revolving venue space, offers “unparalleled views of the city,” plus a night to remember. Whether you book the Victoria Ballroom which accommodates up to 600 guests, or one of the 22 event rooms; classy or casual – they have you covered.

These are just two examples of what RSVP can offer you this 2015 Christmas Season. Our other partnered venues are listed below:


Smart Choice for Events

Novotel Hotel

Fish Market Group of Restaurants

Funhaven banquet hall

Holiday Inn Kanata

Marconi Centre

Ottawa Marriott

Orchard View

RA Center

Empire Grill

St. Elias

Tudor Hall

Carleton Golf & Yacht Club

Luxury Venues:

Century Event Planning

Marriott Down Town

Orchard View

Museum of History & War Museum

Brookstreet Hotel


So remember to BOOK NOW before the snow flies and you hear, “Did anyone think to book the Christmas party?!”



A Culture Chic Affair

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Mark your calendars, Easter long weekend, RSVP presents to you a Culture Chic Affair. An event aimed at promoting local businesses in Ontario Canada. The main focus of the event is to promote and provide exposure to local vendors that cater to Afr0-Caribbean cultures in Ottawa.

A Culture Chic Affair

What to expect from RSVP?

-Fashion show with upcoming local designers (Mostly with African elements). We are pleased to have AMM Line Production ; Tufafi Fashion;  Jana & Emilia Fashion Design Studio and many more.

-Live performance by our local artist Nancita Kapi (

Nancita Kapi

-Food tasting from our local vendors

-Beautiful display of arts that you can purchase

DJ by Tribal Threat

-Vendor tables with the ability to purchase items on site

The Audience: 

You are the audience! We invite all business individuals, students, fashion enthusiasts, local fashion designers, local artist, the media, the Ottawa community to come out and support our local vendors. You will make a difference!

Young stylish black men


We will be supporting the Nelson House of Ottawa (A group that focuses on ending violence against women). To learn more, please visit:

The Fashion

We are expecting to have fresh, modern fashion displayed for our viewers to enjoy.

Daliah rose

Tufafi 1

Tufafi Fashion

Sidow Designs 1Sidow Fashion

details: Available on Evenbrite

  • VIP- $65.00 (includes A SWAG bag with goodies! Discount vouchers to purchase items from your favourite vendors (Up to $200.00 in savings), VIP seating at the venue and a free ticket to the VIP After party.
  • Regular Tickets- $45.00
  • At the Door- $55.00


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Planning a wedding, fundraiser or a corporate event? We believe having a table setting that stands out is just as important as the the dishes that are served at your event.  Personalizing your table setting to reflect something about the event theme you are having or the season makes it all the more unique.

Wedding in a box

In the last few years, tablescapes have become very popular among those planning events. Not only does the table decor helps to determine a theme, it creates great experience for your guests depending on what your theme is. A well decorated table helps to capture the ambiance you are trying to set for the event.

Where do the majority of the guests spend their time during an event? The table. It is then safe to believe that this is the most important places in an event. It takes a lot more to setting any table than knowing where to place a knife and fork. It requires great imagination and a creative touch to turn a simple table into a place that will serve that elegant meal. The size and shape of a table also plays an important role in making sure your guests are comfortable. Rectangular tables are known to encourage conversations on a table where as round tables makes you talk to only those sitting beside you.


How to have a great table setting:

– Determine the type of event you are having

-Determine the event theme

-Collect items and pieces that are directly related to the theme to create and determine the decor. These items could be the type of linens you would like to use, items to create a centrepiece or to make an arrangement.

-The items do not need to match but they must be able to complement and enhance the look and theme that you picked.

PS using bold patterns and prints are known to create powerful statement.

A great tablescapes  should be functional enough but must also help enhance the overall look of your event decor. Avoid clutter, but keep it layered. Adding different heights to the setting will give it that unique look. Different shaped centrepieces with varying heights, a mix of linens (bold, patterned, textured), to making it fun and unique are the some of the different ways you can add layers.

Source: Mitch Lenet WeddingsMichelle Barbeau Photography

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Back up plan for your event

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Corporate Mondays: Have a back plan for your event

Ottawa Corporate Planners

Chances are that something might go wrong at your event. Are you prepared for this? Do you have a back up plan? At RSVP, we are all about looking ahead and planning in advance. The first step is to meet with the client and come up with the most solid plan for the event. We then sit down with our team and come up with a secondary plan in case something does go wrong with the first plan. A few things that might go wrong at any event: Hosting an out door event- it starts to rain, an entertainer cancelling last minute, transportation not showing up and even a power outage!

Ottawa event Planners

Dealing with the problems at hand fast and efficiently tells you a lot about how prepared you were in case of an emergency. Having back up equipment is a good plan in case that microphone, laptop or projector stops working. What if that photographer does not show up? Having an extensive vendors data base, as well as  great vendor relationships is  huge  when you pick up that phone to ask for the favour. A site tour with the venue is always a must. Ask the venue about solutions and steps they have taken in the past to solve problems as they arise.

Event planning Ottawa

Do you have a back plan for your event?

At RSVP we always prepare a risk management plan in advance to ensure that your event runs smoothly.  If you would like to learn more about us, our planning process, and how we might assist you to make your next event a hit,contact us today

Contact us today to plan your next event!

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10 tips on how to plan a grand entrance 

Finding the right venue

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Ottawa venues

The best venues in Ottawa are easy to find with RSVP event coordinators. We will help you determine the right size, location, and price range to ensure an exceptional corporate event. Whether you’re in charge of planning an elegant gala at a luxurious downtown hotel, or you need a rustic setting close to town for that company barbeque, RVSP can find the perfect venue location and coordinate your event from start to finish.
Our list of great contacts and industry expertise means you get good advice, solid recommendations, and the bottom-line benefits that come from years of experience. We can transform any venue from an empty space into a colorful party setting, we also offer a wide variety of theme décor options to choose from, as well as custom event design services for a truly unique event. Ask any of our qualified planners to design your theme. 
Put our industry knowledge and experience to work, we are here to assist you. Your guests will enjoy a memorable event that is flawless in every way. You won’t have to worry about dealing with any of the vendors such as suppliers, caterers, staging, or the dozens of details that make up a successful corporate event. Leave all the work to us. We can also recommend great entertainment and activity options suitable for your chosen venue and theme, and take care of your transportation and catering.

Contact us today to plan your next event!

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How to Plan a Grand Opening

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10 Tips on how to plan the perfect grand opening

Ottawa Event planner

Photo credit: Phillipa Maitland

Congratulations on starting your business. Whether the business is small or big, new or rebranded we believe you need to show your target market what you are all about.  This is achieved by planning a Grand Opening Event or a company launch! A well planned grand opening event can help any company get the clients that you are targeting.  Planning a grand opening ceremony is very important for any company and it is advised to seek the help of a professional event planner.  Like planning any event, a grand opening ceremony can be stressful.

1)        Find the perfect location:  Having the event at your company location is always recommended, for example a restaurant owner can throw the event at his restaurant. If you do not have a physical address for your company you can opt to rent a venue. If this is the case, planning ahead should be your priority to ensure the venue is available.

2)        Date and Time: Like any event, the date and time should be considered. Your target market should be considered when choosing  the date. Who are you targeting? When do your target market usually work? What sort of events do they attend? Do they prefer going out in the middle of the week or the weekend? Keep all of this in mind when deciding the perfect time and date for your event.  

3)         Guest List- This is where you should really focus on inviting your target market. Take a look at your business plan, who are you targeting? How can you get them to attend your event? Other people you should consider inviting should be the press, your city mayor, vendors that you have worked with and those that you wish to work with in the future, current employees, current customers, neighboring companies if you have one, any former colleagues you worked with and most importantly friends and Family, they will recommend you.

4)        Invitations– this should be done in a timely manner. We recommend sending out an actual invite. Not too early, as guests may forget and not too late as they might already have other plans. E-invites are also acceptable if you are trying to save. Your invitation should have all the necessary information about your company, who you are, what you offer, date and time of the event, address of the venue, dress code if applicable, and how the guests can RSVP. Don’t forget your Logo; keep your branding consistent in everything you send out. Keep track of all your RSVPs, and make sure to send out Thank you cards or emails thanking everyone that attended.

5)        Food & Beverage– Will you be serving food at the event? This will depend on the type of event you will be throwing, time of day and type of business.  We recommend at least having some food for your guests, a drink and some Champagne to toast to your new business. If your business is related to a restaurant, have some samples from your menu to pass. All food and beverage should be complimentary.

6)        Parking– Make sure the venue you host you event at  has sufficient parking for the number of attendees that you have invited to your event. If you can afford it, get valet parking for your guests. This is a nice added touch.

7)        Ribbon Cutting– This is traditionally done at most grand openings. Speeches are done by the owners of the company and are followed by a ribbon ceremony. The city’s mayor if in attendance should stand next to you. This ceremony should be at least 15 minute long.

8)        Entertainment– Depending on your business and event, entertainment should be hired for your event. Some typical types of entertainment are DJs, a band or a soloist, an MC to work the crowd, a musician or a guest speaker, must be well known; this person can sometimes draw more people to attend the event. If they can MC the event, this will be a bonus.

9)        Door prizes/ Freebies– this is great to have and can be given as a thank you for attending. Don’t forgot to add your business cards. Include something that the guests can use towards your services or a product at a later time. We are building repeat business and you need to find a great way to encourage the clients to return. A good example can be offering a 10% rebate on their next purchase, make sure to include an expiration date and any terms and conditions.

10)     Follow up– Don’t forget to follow up with everyone that attended the event. Getting feedback is a great way to see where you stand in your business. You could have guests fill out a survey for an exchange of a coupon. Collecting email addresses is also vital to starting your contact list.

It takes a lot of time to plan a grand opening. You have one chance to show your future clients what you are about. You want to do it right the first time. If you require any help or assistance on planning your Grand opening, please give us a call for an initial consultation.

Contact us today to plan your next event!

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