All Inclusive Wedding in Perth ON

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Perth is an absolutely gorgeous location and if you are thinking destination, think Perth in Ontario! RSVP Events has partnered with the Royal Canadian Legion in Perth to bring you beautiful weddings.  This recently improved venue can accommodate over 200 people. We would love to invite you to the open house taking place February 20th, 2016 from 1-4pm.

Enjoy beautiful music by In Touch Media, passed canapés by the Stone Cellar!

Perth Legion Open House

You can choose to have your wedding ceremony right on site or opt for the natural outdoor beauty of Stewart Park.  Perth is strategically placed in the heart of the Rideau Lakes District in Eastern Ontario, making us less than an hour from major centres like Kingston or Ottawa. If you’re looking to get out of the city and celebrate your wedding in a charming, friendly atmosphere, Perth is where you need to be!

They have  All inclusive wedding packages for $12, 000 based on a 100 guests. This is an amazing deal!

See photos of the hall here!

Please RSVP on the Facebook Page or contact us for more information!

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Corporate events with Style

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Take your event to the next level by making it chic and sophisticated. The easiest and simplest way to do that is by using lounge furniture. High end lounging furniture! Lounge furniture can add so much class to any event.

Here are a few reasons why it works with corporate events.

  • Perfect for filling out empty places especially if you are using an extremely large room
  • Gives an area for people to talk privately before an event starts 
  • Adds to the overall look and theme of the event
  • It provides seating especially during the cocktail time 
  • It’s great opportunity for people to sit, socialize before the event 

Keep in mind that they are out door furniture and those that you can use inside. The furniture should definitely match your theme and colours.

Here are a few furniture to drool over:

Corporate lounge furniture

Source: Guidesoutdoor corporate lounge furniture

Source: Biz bash

Cocktail furniture decor

Source: Intimate events

Corporate event planning ottawa

Ottawa event planners

Ottawa corporate decorator

Source: Mode

If you are looking for an event specialist and stylist to help you take your next event from boring to talk of the town, contact us today! Take a look at our themed event blog. 

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How to Decorate Mason Jars for a Wedding

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Today is Inspiration Wednesday. Are you a DIY Bride? Watch this great video by Alexa wedding planner in Knoxville and learn how to decorate mason jars to use as centerpieces for your wedding. She used lace, twine, burlap, and pink ribbon in this video.

How to Decorate Mason Jars for a Wedding

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5 Ways to use Burlap in your wedding

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Are you thinking rustic as your wedding theme? Thinking of incorporating burlap into your rustic theme? There are so many budget friendly ways to add a little touch of burlap into your wedding décor without going over the top. For an elegant look, don’t over do the burlap. Use it in little ways around the room and ensure everything is neatly placed. We have rounded up a few great ideas on how you can use burlap into your wedding design.

Your table design & Centrepieces 

burlap wedding decorations

Burlap wedding centrepieces ideas


Wedding bouquets and Boutonnieres



Stationary – Invitations and Table numbers
Burlap table numbers ideas elegant

Wedding invitations burlap

Wedding Cake

Lace and burlap wedding cake

Wedding Ceremony Arch

Do you need help planning a rustic wedding with touches of burlap? Contact us today


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Are you planning to use a theme for your next corporate event? Themes are a great way to increase your events overall feel and appeal which guarantees that you stand out from every other event there is in your area. The benefits of using a themed event is that it will get guests to get more engaged with the event. You can also encourage your guests to participate by embracing the theme (The Great Gatsby theme will encourage fashion from the 1920s). Kris Jenner recently threw a Great Gatsby Themed Birthday party.

Great Gatsby Themed party

When picking or choosing a theme, consider what’s relevant during the time of your event. This year we saw the release of the new Cinderella movie which was a remake, you could chose to have a castle themed elite event at Le Chateau Laurier for example- The ladies could dress in ball gowns and tuxedos for the men. You could end the event right at the stroke of midnight.

Keep in mind that your theme should fit your organization brand and the overall goal of the event.

Masquerade ball themed event

Masquerade Ball Theme

Here are 5 steps to ensure you plan an elegant and fun themed event for your next Corporate event.

1. Once you have pin-pointed your theme and have decided on something that works for your company, stick to it. Every move you make now in terms of the event should be the first thing you think about. Make sure the entertainment, signage, key messaging, decor and stationary reflect this theme. If possible choose a venue that will work well with your theme. See our guide here on how to choose a venue. 

2. Think outside the box. Having a theme for your event means that you will now have to be creative. You might have to DIY some elements to the event. Don’t do half done work. You really want to wow your guests. If you are having a tiki island themed event, consider getting large planters to really make the theme work. In other words-be creative. Hire the help of a stylist if you are not sure how to go about it. At the end of the day, think of how your guests will enjoy the day, the food and the chance to get dressed. Your clients will talk about this event for months to come and would want to return with more people, meaning more business.

Tiki Beach corporate event

Tiki Beach Theme

3. Stationary and signage. To keep the theme consistent make sure everything you put out works. Your invitation, newsletters, programs, posters all need to compliment and fit the theme. The signage on the event is really a big one. Your guests should feel like they arrived at the right venue and event from the get go. No guessing.

moulin-rouge-entrance corporate events

Moulin Rouge Theme

4. Don’t forget your guests. Everyone loves themed events. Choose a theme that can get them to really participate. Let the guests know in advance about the theme and the different ways they can dress up. This will help in encouraging participation.

Themed events in Ottawa

Masquerade ball Ottawa

5. Invest in your next event. Let an event specialist company  organize your next event. Work with them to bring your theme to life. They can also assist you by finding the perfect venue, entertainers, caterers, and all this will reflect your theme.

For more help about planning your next themed event or discussing more opportunities contact RSVP Events today.

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5 Reasons to hire a day-of wedding coordinator

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A day-of- wedding coordinator is considered as “a nice to have” option for most couples only if there is left over budget. A wedding coordinator should instead be considered has “a must have’ on your list when planning for your day. Top 5 reasons why we think you should invest on this.


Did you ask your cousin and her friends to help set up or decorate your tables? Did they volunteer to help if needed? They are your friends and family. Yes they want to help as much as possible. The bottom line is that they are there to enjoy and celebrate your day with everyone else. Wedding Coordination on the day is much more than setting up a table or the ceremony. It’s ensuring your vendors know what to do, where to set up, what time things are happening, trouble shooting and moving things around if things are running late. Hiring a wedding planner will ensure that all your to-dos are covered, allowing your family and friends to enjoy the day.


Without a wedding coordinator you will get interruptions from vendors – DJs, MC, Venue managers etc.  asking you several questions. Believe us when we say they have asked us questions through out the day. This is needed to ensure there no issues on the day. Let a wedding coordinator be the the trouble shooter and the in between go to person. We do have a detailed wedding itinerary that we use to ensure we are one step ahead.


A wedding planner will design a detailed event time line to ensure your day is smooth. The time line will have a line by line detailed list about what is coming next, what to expect and when to expect things to happen. This detailed wedding itinerary will allow your planner to make sure you don’t miss any special moments. We will also ensure special people, such as your parents do not miss anything.


Do you have a wedding decorator? Are you DIYing your decor, do you need a stylist to ensure it looks great. An event planner or stylist will ensure that your vision is brought to life just as you had imagined it. Let a professional handle this.


From developing a detailed time line, to vendor confirmations, decor set up and the overall management of the day details, a planner will ensure that every detail is taken care of and that everything runs smoothly. The less things that go wrong on the day, the better experience you and your guests will have.

See what past brides and grooms are saying about RSVP Events.  

Photo credit: Ashley Notley Photography & Mitch Lenet Weddings 

Event planner canada


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Planning a Wedding in Muskoka

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Are you planning a wedding in Muskoka? Muskoka is a extremely popular especially as a destination location for weddings. We have clients that come as far as Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal to plan weddings there. If you are into cottage type weddings, rustic or country feel weddings, you have come to the right place.

RSVP Events can plan your home away from wedding, looking after all your out of town logistics as well as make sure you have a fun, filled romantic wedding. Our out of town, full wedding package will work for you.

Some popular Muskoka wedding venues to consider are:

Sherwood Inn- On Lake Joseph

Muskoka Wedding Planner

Muskoka Wedding venue

Weddings in Muskoka

Photo credit: Sherwood Inn- On Lake Joseph– Website

Another Great location is Windermere House

Windermere House Wedding

Muskoka wedding locations

Source: Windermere House’s Facebook/ Photo credit: Mike Prasad Photography

I love Taboo Muskoka Wedding Resorts

Taboo Muskoka Wedding Resort

Photo credit: Taboo Resort Facebook

Think Rocky Crest Golf Resort

Rocky Crest Golf resort

Photo credit: Rocky Crest Golf Resort

If you would like more details on planning your wedding in Muskoka, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Pinterest is a very popular tool for planning weddings, as long as it is used the right way, you have nothing to worry about! A lot of brides are addicted to Pinterest and so are wedding planners/stylist & photographers. You can easily bookmark and categorize all your wedding ideas and inspirations into different boards that makes it extremely easy to visualize your wedding.  Pinterest is definitely the hottest thing around!

You need to define your aesthetic and if color palettes are not your thing, your wedding planning can seem like a nightmare. What style of wedding are you envisioning for the big day? Are you going for a rustic look, a vintage feel or a more intimate wedding feel? What colors will your bridal party be wearing? Feeling overwhelmed? This is where you can find Pinterest extremely helpful. It’s easy, efficient and you can download the app on your phone- Pinterest on the go! We love it!!!. Here are our easy steps and guide to using Pinterest to plan your wedding. If you are not already following us, do so now- click here and you can also follow us on Instagram here!

How to plan a wedding using Pinterest

Get the AppThe first step is to download the app! Once you create your account, it will give you simple instructions on how to use it. Trust me, it is very easy. Once all is set, start pinning away. Pin ideas and inspiration of what you envision your wedding will look like. Don’t just pin wedding items, home décor or your style of clothing can really say a lot about what your wedding style will shape up to be. For example, if you pin a lot of restaurant items, or great wines etc., you could be a Foodie. You might want to host your wedding at a fancy restaurant to reflect this with good wine. At the end of the day you want a wedding that will reflect both you and your new hubby to be.

Using Pinterest to plan your wedding

Create your boards.Create different boards for different ideas. This will make it easy to really see what you are thinking. And it makes it easy to reference a particular board when you need it really fast. Examples of boards that you can create: Wedding décor, hair and makeup is a big one, wedding dress ideas- show this to your bridal consultant, and photo ideas for the day. Take a look at our boards for ideas and things to pin.

Share a secret board with your wedding planner/designer, florist and even your bridal party Pinterest has the ability for you to create a secret board. If you are not the type to share your ideas the world just yet, this is a great tool to use. Any one you collaborate with, will also have the ability to pin to your board. Cool?

Pinterest Ottawa Events

Don’t forget to follow wedding venues, magazines, bloggers, planners and stylist. The more you follow, the more inspirations will open up to you. And because planning can be time consuming, you are able to pin on the go!

Note: Pinterest is a source for inspiration. You might find very extravagant weddings on the site, this might not reflect your wedding budget. Discuss your options with your event specialist.

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Planning a Chic Corporate Gala

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Are you a Corporate company in Ottawa looking to host a Gala? Are you planning a fundraising gala event? We will be outlining our top 6 amazing ways to plan a chic corporate gala! At RSVP Events, we are known to keep with current times and styles. Elegance, chic and modern is what we aim to work with in order to give you a more elite event. This approach will attract a bigger, more elite clientele  and makes any event more profitable every year for years to come!

Planning a successful gala requires commitment, resources and a team of knowledgeable individuals who can pull it off.  You want the event to be successful in every sense and that means doing it right the first time. If you are a Charity Corporation or a Not-for-Profit, you normally rely on annual galas for essential cash flow, donations and above all raising awareness for the cause.

Follow these amazing steps to plan your next chic and successful Gala with style.

SAVE THE DATE Pick your date as early as possible. Keep in mind that thousands of businesses plan events every year.  You do not want other event overshadowing your event. You must also ensure that the date does not conflict with other religious holidays, large city events such as a hockey games or other competing galas. You will be fighting for sponsors and ticket sales.

VENUE Remember we are throwing a chic event. Pick a venue that will reflect this style.  We are looking for a modern, unique and chic venue. Ottawa has a few of these venues.  If you are interested in Hotels, think Le Chateau Laurier, Brookstreet Hotel, Ottawa Marriott and the Hilton Lac Leamy! Museums are also a great location for corporate events- Museum of Nature and The Museum of History or the War Museum will certainly wow your guests.  Ottawa does have a lot of beautiful venues. Find the right venue with RSVP Events. 

EVENT GOALS What are you hoping to achieve with your event? How many guests are you hoping will attend the event? What are your revenue streams during the event? Are you hosting a silent and live Auction? Your goals will help shape and direct where the event is heading. Your event planner can help you achieve this.

STAND OUT Determine what you can use to stand out. What will attract clients to your event? This can be achieved by having a celebrity speak out at your event, maybe wowing all your guests with amazing entertainment, maybe a celebrity chef? You will know what will stand by understanding your target market.

Guests speaker for your gala

BE DIFFERENT Donating money to a cause or charity looks good for any company. Every other company is doing exactly that. What will make your event stand out? Offer something different that others are not doing. Perhaps offering culture foods and elements for your guests? Corporate planning with RSVP Events

HIRE AN EVENT PLANNER/ DESIGNER Companies often underestimate the time and efforts it takes to pull to plan an events especially a successful  gala. Most companies expects an internal employee to plan the event and this employee may already have a huge work load to balance. In order to get the best results, invest in a professional team of planners and designers and take the stress off of your staff. When the day finally comes, your planner will have the décor and production covered, while your staff can enjoy the night and schmooze and migle with donors.

GUESTS Ensure your guests are having a great time. Provide great entertainment to keep them entertained through out the event. Ideally you want the guests to stay until the very end. Have live performances, photobooths, live music or some great ways for interactions.

Corporate Gala Ottawa

Ottawa Events

Event Planner RSVP Events

Contact us today to plan your next Chic Gala-

Photo credit: Amar Auluck Phototgraphy & Love and Laughter photography

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Pantone Color of the Year 2016

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introduced the colour of the year 2016 as Rose Quartz & Serenity! It is described as a softer take on color for 2016: For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the PANTONE Color of the Year! What are your thoughts on this. See our Wedding Inspiration board below!

Pantone Color 2016

For more information visit the Pantone website.

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