How to reserve your wedding block

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What is a room block? A room block is when you reserve and set aside a number of rooms at a hotel for your out of town guests. We recommend setting aside a block rooms if at least 20% of your guests are coming from out of town. This is a huge help to your guests especially if you book the rooms at the hotel that you are having the wedding at or something near the wedding venue (ideally walking distance).

Why will your guests thank you? 

– It will ease of all the transportation issues

-Some of your guests may not know the area well and will appreciate you looking into hotels for them

-You will be able to have all your guests in one location, this will give them the opportunity to meet and become acquainted with other wedding guests

Le Chateau Laurier wedding

Things to keep in mind when choosing a hotel for your guests:

– Location is major factor to consider when booking your hotel. As we mentioned above, try to book something near your wedding location or within walking distance. Also choose something near attractions and restaurants to give your guests something to do. Ottawa is known for its many attractions, check out this link with the top 10 things to do in Ottawa!

-Price is definitely the next thing to consider. Book rooms with different room types to give your guests a variety. Family or friends sharing rooms will mostly likely want rooms with double beds or pull out couches.  Make sure the price point ranges in categories in order to give more options.

-Room types- As we just mentioned, ensure you get different room types to suit all your guests needs. You can get single rooms, rooms with double beds, suites, handicap accessible rooms, adjoining rooms. Please remember that a hotel will not always guarantee this but will try to accommodate this as much as possible.

Ottawa Hotels

Extra services and Freebies:

Most hotels may provide extra services if you block rooms with them. Make sure to ask your hotel. 

  • SHUTTLE SERVICE- Make sure its complimentary 
  • FREE ROOMS- Bridal suites are usually provided to the bride and groom, especially if the wedding is at the hotel itself. If not, most hotels will provide free rooms for every 10 rooms or 20 rooms booked. Find out and use this to your advantage. 
  • BREAKFAST AND PARKING- Find out if your hotel offers complimentary breakfast and free parking for your guests. This is a bonus if they do. 
  • BRIDAL SUITE- Some hotels may offer a bridal suite for the bride and the bridesmaids to get ready in. Find out if this is available to you, and how early you can check in.

Bridal suite

Photo credit: Acorn to Oak Photography

Time to book that block

If you are in a large city with lots of hotels around the area you normally would not rush to book the space. We recommend booking your room as soon as you have booked your venue. If your wedding venue or event is located at the hotel, they would normally book the rooms at the same time as you booked your wedding venue.

A city that is as busy as Ottawa, we definitely recommend booking in advance to secure your spot.


– Read through the contracts carefully. Some hotels may require your guests to call in to book the rooms themselves under the block. If a room is not picked up, they will release this at no extra charge. Others will have you be responsible for any rooms that were not picked up. A majority of the hotels will hold the spot up to 30 days prior to the wedding and release the rest. In this case you would not be responsible for rooms that were not picked up. READ THE CONTRACT.

Questions to ask before booking

  • How many rooms can your facility accommodate- for those with large numbers
  • What is the wedding group rate including taxes and fees?
  • Is parking included? If not how much is it? -you need to let your guests know
  • What time is check-in?  What are your policies about early check-in? (Remember this is never guaranteed)
  • What time is check-out?- For those that may want a late check out.
  • Do you offer a courtesy block? What is the maximum number of rooms?
  • If we need additional rooms, can we add to the block? What are the fees associated with this? Can I get it at the same rate?
  • What would the cut-off be for adding rooms?
  • What sort of amenities come standard (shuttles, breakfast, internet, gym etc?
  • Is there a bar and restaurant onsite? What are the hours of operation
  • Is there a minimum stay requirement?
  • Do you have facilities to host pre- or post-wedding events onsite?

Welcome baskets for the guests

Wedding party

What to include in the bags:

 A list of things for the guests to do while in town

-Some snacks, especially after a long flight

-A nice souvenir for the couples to remember the city by

-A nice beverage (Does not need to be an alcoholic beverage)

-A thank you note  

Hope you enjoyed all the information

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Can you afford to hire an RSVP Event Specialist

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Can you afford to hire an RSVP Event Specialist

Ottawa Wedding planner

Source: Black Lamb photography 

 It is often believed that only brides with massive budgets and a huge guest list can afford wedding planners. Yes weddings are expensive and yes as wedding planners, we need to make a living. RSVP prides itself in charging market related prices and being transparent about all the costs involved in planning an event. As certified event specialists with WPIC and ABC, we do not pay or charge commission from suppliers, or even mark up other suppliers’ invoices. We work by charging a set of fees for our services. Our clients always know what our fees are from the very beginning. We have no hidden costs.

As a bride, this is your first time planning a large event so how can you possibly know the prices involved in planning events? A realistic budget is a key to successful wedding. We usually ask our brides what budgets they are working with.  Some of our bride have an idea of what they would like to spend and others have no clue.  What to expect when you come in for a consultation with an RSVP Event specialist:

  • We will start by going over all costs involved in planning a wedding, so you will have an idea with what to expect
  • We will make recommendations and provide you with a budget that works for you.
  • We know a few good ways which will help your budget go further. As planners, we have the knowledge and connections with the best suppliers in Ottawa.
  •  It is in our best interest to make YOUR budget work, provided it is a budget that is based on current pricing structures and that is reasonable.So many factors play a major role one what your budget could be
  • We understand that every couple is different and the budget for one might not work for the next one
  • RSVP event specialists work hard at researching and matching up couples with the best suppliers who can accommodate your budget

At RSVP we are known to be creative in finding ways to make your wedding memorable, unique and special for each of our individual clients. We have a great selection of resources at our disposal to make your wedding stand out.  One of the many awesome examples, is our remarkable decor stock which adds value to all our clients packages; on a budget and for those who are can afford to splurge. We are big believers of the fact that every bride needs to be educated on all the costs involved in planning a wedding from the beginning stage to avoid unnecessary surprises down the line. No matter the budget, the client should always pay market related prices.

RSVP has designed different wedding packages to accommodate the needs of our brides. Coming to us earlier on, you will be able to avoid stressful and often frustrating quotation obtaining stage, as we will do all of that for you.Get a copy of our wedding package here

Do you think you can afford a planner?  Now you can find out. Send us an email or call us and we will make an appointment at our offices to discuss your wedding requirements.

Contact us today to plan your next event!

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Wedding Shoes

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Wearing heels on your wedding day: Yes or No

Heels are known to instantly add glamour, style and elegance to your look, and not forgetting that they make you feel sexy. Your wedding dress is just as important as the shoes on your feet. You want to look good, but be comfortable.

Wedding shoes


Are you a heel kind of girl? Do you wear it out for your girls night out events, at the office or even just to hang out? If not, its best to start practicing. Walk around the office in them, around the house or whenever the opportunity presents itself. Keep in mind wearing heels constantly can result in bad posture, blisters and worse case scenario, a terrible injury should you fall and hurt yourself. By practicing, you lower the risks of these issues occurring as well as avoid embarrassing tumbles down the aisle.

Wedding shoes

Remember, your wedding day is going to be a long day. Secretly carry a pair of chic flats with you should your feet start to hurt for any reason.  You can even chose to alternate between the two, wear flats during dinner and change into your heels for your first dance. Just make sure they look suitable and they match the style of your wedding dress.

Wedding shoes


Don’t forget that pedicure!

Photos are compliments of Pinterest :)

I hope this helps.

Happy Planning! Contact us for more details.

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Keith & Crystal’s iReception

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Keith & Crystal’s iReception- August 24th, 2013

What happens when you put the love of Fashion, Hair and a Wedding together? You get an iReception! One of our stylist Della, transformed a hair salon- The Capelli Club into a Wedding venue for the owner Crystal. Crystal and Keith had the their reception at a location that means a lot to Crystal. Her hair salon!  Enjoy the photos!

The Capelli Club


Ottawa Wedding planner

The Capelli club

Ottawa Wedding Planner

Ottawa Wedding planner

Ottawa Wedidng

Ottawa Wedding

The Capelli Club

Ottawa Wedding planner

Capelli Club

Black and White Wedding

Black and White Wedding

Black and White Wedding

Black and White Wedding

Ottawa Wedding


Photos compliments of: Angled dream photo

Venue: The Capelli Club

Wedding Stylist: RSVP Events

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