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Are you planning to use a theme for your next corporate event? Themes are a great way to increase your events overall feel and appeal which guarantees that you stand out from every other event there is in your area. The benefits of using a themed event is that it will get guests to get more engaged with the event. You can also encourage your guests to participate by embracing the theme (The Great Gatsby theme will encourage fashion from the 1920s). Kris Jenner recently threw a Great Gatsby Themed Birthday party.

Great Gatsby Themed party

When picking or choosing a theme, consider what’s relevant during the time of your event. This year we saw the release of the new Cinderella movie which was a remake, you could chose to have a castle themed elite event at Le Chateau Laurier for example- The ladies could dress in ball gowns and tuxedos for the men. You could end the event right at the stroke of midnight.

Keep in mind that your theme should fit your organization brand and the overall goal of the event.

Masquerade ball themed event

Masquerade Ball Theme

Here are 5 steps to ensure you plan an elegant and fun themed event for your next Corporate event.

1. Once you have pin-pointed your theme and have decided on something that works for your company, stick to it. Every move you make now in terms of the event should be the first thing you think about. Make sure the entertainment, signage, key messaging, decor and stationary reflect this theme. If possible choose a venue that will work well with your theme. See our guide here on how to choose a venue. 

2. Think outside the box. Having a theme for your event means that you will now have to be creative. You might have to DIY some elements to the event. Don’t do half done work. You really want to wow your guests. If you are having a tiki island themed event, consider getting large planters to really make the theme work. In other words-be creative. Hire the help of a stylist if you are not sure how to go about it. At the end of the day, think of how your guests will enjoy the day, the food and the chance to get dressed. Your clients will talk about this event for months to come and would want to return with more people, meaning more business.

Tiki Beach corporate event

Tiki Beach Theme

3. Stationary and signage. To keep the theme consistent make sure everything you put out works. Your invitation, newsletters, programs, posters all need to compliment and fit the theme. The signage on the event is really a big one. Your guests should feel like they arrived at the right venue and event from the get go. No guessing.

moulin-rouge-entrance corporate events

Moulin Rouge Theme

4. Don’t forget your guests. Everyone loves themed events. Choose a theme that can get them to really participate. Let the guests know in advance about the theme and the different ways they can dress up. This will help in encouraging participation.

Themed events in Ottawa

Masquerade ball Ottawa

5. Invest in your next event. Let an event specialist company  organize your next event. Work with them to bring your theme to life. They can also assist you by finding the perfect venue, entertainers, caterers, and all this will reflect your theme.

For more help about planning your next themed event or discussing more opportunities contact RSVP Events today.

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