Wedding place card Vs Escort Cards

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What is the difference between an Escort Card & a Place Card?

People tend to get confused about the difference between an escort card and a place card. What is the difference? Should we have both? Which one is important? An escort card is usually displayed and set up in the cocktail area while the guests are waiting to go in to the reception area. It tells the guest what table they will be sitting on once they move into the dining area (Reception). A place card tells you exactly where a guest is to be seated once they get to the table.

A place card typically also has a meal identify, which lets the servers at the venue know what the guest is having for a meal. A place card is a must if you are having a plated meal. Sounds confusing? Opt to have one instead. You can have the escort card only, but ensure that the meal identify is on it. Once they get to the table, they can decided which seat they want. If you chose to have a place card, we typically suggest having a seating chart.

Wedding escort cards

Source: Etsy via Pinterest

Escort Cards

Source: Ruffled

Place Cards

Wedding place cards

You can definitely get creative with place cards and escort cards. Follow us on Pinterest for awesome ideas!

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Wedding Traditions

How to choose your wedding colors 

Choosing your wedding colours

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Recently engaged? Your friends and family are without a doubt happy for you and you are now extremely excited to get the planning started! What’s on your mind? Wedding décor, wedding colours and venue! The color and style of your big day will play a big role on determining your wedding location. If it doesn’t, it should!  The colors you pick will set the tone for your big day. You have fantasied about this day since you were a little mini you,  and you pretty much have a good idea of what colors you want to use. Some of you may not have a clue, we suggest using the tips below to get you started.

Choosing your wedding colours

SOURCE: Pinterest


First thing you need to do is determine your bridal style. Modern & Minimal, Casual & Relaxed, Classic & Timeless, Romantic and Soft, Bold and vibrant, Chic and Modern,  these are just a few words that should help describe your wedding style. Let the time of year help you determine the colours as well. Another way of you determine your colours is to look around you, your environment, your wardrobe (not your standard black work outfit), the place you like to hang out (Bookstore, coffee places). This will definitely make it easy for you. Once you have pinpointed your style, work with it. Use a mood board to pin all your ideas (Hint: use Pinterest as a start). Look at your mood board and see how you feel. Get help from a wedding stylist!  

Romantic blush wedding

Source: Pinterest- Blush wedding 


Consider your wedding location. If your wedding venue has rich colours, you need to consider colours that will compliment this. Look at the curtains if any, the carpets is a big one, do they have neutral decorations around the room? Can you move these decorations or are you not allowed to touch them. You might have to work with what the venue has in order to make it work. The last thing you need is having the colours over powering each other.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with following wedding trends.  We ultimately want you to create something that reflects you  as a couple. You need to pick something that screams YOU but also creates a fun environment for all your wedding guests. If you really want to follow a trend use something that you have seen from a past wedding, wedding magazine, wedding blog and add a spin to it to reflect you and make it uniquely yours. Do your research and find something that works for you. 


We suggest using three main colours for your wedding. Pick one colour to dominate, the other to support and the third colour to be used as an accent colour. The dominant colour is the colour that stands out and is the most obvious colour. The supporting colour can be a different shade of your main colour, such as red and a dark orange.  The accent colour is used to highlight your main colour by giving it contrast or by giving your main colour more emphasis.

With this in mind, you can add different items to your wedding to make it work. Use different textures, lighting, and flowers to add to your overall look. Use a mood board to make it easier.

Mood BoardSource: Munaluchi bridal

Love this bold yet romantic mood board by Munaluchi Bridal!


Now that you have your colours all figured out, it’s time to tie all this together to produce something out of this world (Hopefully :)). Lighting around the room is a great way to use the colours, your bridesmaids’ dresses and even your wedding cake. Your wedding flowers- make this your dominant colour or the accent part of your colour choice. Wedding invitation, table numbers, ribbons are all great ways to tie in your colour scheme to work. The grooms men – The waist coat, boutonnieres or the ties will need to have the wedding colours incorporated.  


–    Do the meanings of certain colours matter to you? For example, Lavender symbolizes femininity, grace and elegance. Does this describe your wedding style?  

–    Are they any cultural or traditional consideration that might play a part in choosing your colour scheme? For example in China, red is the color of good luck and is used as a holiday and wedding colour whereas in most parts of Africa, it is considered a colour of mourning and represents death.

–    Wedding season- Keep in mind the different seasons. For winter seasons, blues, silver and whites tend to work well. For a fall weddings- the gold, browns, reds and dark oranges are great colours.

These are just guidelines. You are allowed to pick any colour of your choice. Your colours should flow well. If you require more help, do not hesitate to contact our planners.

Happy Planning! Contact us for more details.

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Venue coordinator vs. event/wedding coordinator

Ottawa wedding planner

How many times have we heard a bride tell us “we do not need an event coordinator, our venue provides one”? Do they really provide one?

A venue coordinator works for the venue whereas the event coordinator works for YOU and has YOUR best interest at heart. A venue coordinator has the venue’s best interest at heart! A few venues might offer these services which is fine, just get more information on what their duties will be.  You need someone to take you to your cake tasting and to take you to the decorator so you can work on your wedding vision or even go pick up all your decor from your house the night before the wedding. A venue coordinator will not do this.

Both the wedding coordinator and your event coordinator are very important in ensuring your wedding day runs according to plan, but they play very different roles.

A venue coordinator will:

– create a floor plan
– create a menu, and attend the tasting
– set out décor items you brought the night before- Must check to see if they will. Some wont!
– ensure a grand entrance into the reception room
-attend a site visit to show you around the venue
-collect your first deposit, and final deposit
-staff your event accordingly
-will also make sure that your food comes out at the time you requested and provide your final bill

Wedding Coordinator will:
– Gather up all the vendors that will make your wedding run as smoothly as possible
-Ensure the vendors chosen work within your budget
-Attend visits with you to all the vendors as required
-Work on your wedding vision
-assemble a master timeline and ensure it is carried out
– reviews contracts, ensure contracts are carried out
– have contracts on hand and previous emails to back up what vendors have said they will do for you
– ensure vendors/VIPs arrive and know what to do
– direct & assist guests at the ceremony and reception
– ensure that your best man has the rings that the marriage certificate is in place
– work with you to set up your rehearsal, direct if necessary
– create a seamless wedding by being the liaison between family/cake/dj/photographer/other vendors
– line up and cue the bridal party & musicians
– attend to any needs of the bride & bridal party
– set out any personal items (guestbook, flowers, escort cards, etc.) at the reception & ceremony and then collect any personal items
-ensure all the vendors have been paid out

They are a great resource of knowledge, a sounding board for decisions, a mediator, a therapist, and a stress reducer to name a few!

A wedding planner is there to help YOU design your big day and ensure that YOUR big day is everything you dreamed and more!

For more information on our wedding planning & coordination services, CONTACT US!

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RSVP Events will be at the Wedding Palace Bridal show January 11th & 12th to re launch our exclusive wedding package My wedding in a box!”  Don’t forget to grab your tickets and come see us. A few tips to help you get the most out of this show.

Tip #1: Most shows start at 11am. Plan to be there early. You will avoid long line ups and this will give you a better chance to enter all the draws and also talk with the wedding vendors that you want to work with.

Tip #2: Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. There might not be a spot to sit. Expect to be walking around and standing most of the time. Be as comfortable as you can be.

Tip #3: Create a free email account that you give out to vendors at the show. Use this account to communicate with all your wedding vendors during the planning process. Avoid using your work email. Ideal an email that includes your groom.

Tip #4: Pre-do little labels with your name and email address and mailing address. This makes it go faster instead of writing it all out a hundred times. Do not forget to include your wedding date.

Tip #5: Only take flyers and business cards from companies you are truly interested in working with.

Hope to see you at the show! Contact us for more details.

Happy Planning

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Ottawa Bridal Show 2013

Ottawa Wedding show


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Shopping for a wedding dress can be overwhelming and stressful for some brides. We have put together 10 useful tips to keep you from going crazy once you actually decide to start shopping for your dream dress.

Ottawa Wedding Dress Tip #1: It takes about 5 to 8 months for your wedding dress to come in. This will greatly depend on which bridal shop you decide to shop with. Most bridal stores ask that you book early to guarantee that you get your dress on time. Book Early!

Tip #2: Leave your entourage at home! Don’t take everyone with you. Take  2 or 3 people with you when you go shop. Taking everyone can become stressful especially with all the different opinions. You are meant to enjoy this moment.

Tip #3: What’s your wedding dress style? We suggest having an idea of what style you would like to go with. Keep your wedding theme in mind as well as the location and time of season of your wedding. Your body shape should also be considered. Not everyone looks good in a ball gown. Choose a style that compliments your body type.

Ottawa Wedding dressTip #4: Budget! Have a budget in mind. Tell the sales person what your budget is and let them help you with a dress that is in and around your wedding budget. No point having them bring you an over the top looking dress to only find out it is way over your budget. Stick to your budget! Remember to set a realistic budget.

Tip #5: Be open minded. Not every dress you see in a magazine will look the same on you. Find a dress that looks good on you.

Tip #6: Saturday is a busy day for most Bridal stores. Find out which day is not busy for the particular store you would like to visit and book your appointment. The sales person will have the time to spend one on one time with you and provide you with the best service.

Tip #7: Make an Appointment! When you find out what day is not the busiest, book a date! We encourage you to still make an appointment so that they are prepared for you.

Ottawa Wedding

Tip #8: Get your hair and Make up done. This will give you a better idea on how the overall look will be! If you can not do this, don’t worry.

Tip #9: If you go up 1 or 2 dress sizes, do not stress. All dresses are made differently. It does not mean you put on weight :)!

Tip #10: Have fun! Only go when you are ready to shop. Don’t shop around as this will only stress you out more.

Happy Shopping! Contact us for more details.

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Shopping for a Wedding Dress

Ottawa Wedding



Drinking etiquette at weddings

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Drinking Etiquette at Weddings

September is a busy month with weddings and RSVP would like everyone to enjoy it responsibly. As a couple, we would like for you to keep a few things in mind when entertaining your guests. As a guest to a wedding, we would like for you to be responsible. Enjoy the wedding with these simple things in mind.

Brides and grooms:

  • Control the amount of drinks your guests consume at your wedding. Even with an open bar, you can control how much a guests can drink.  Have the bar open during the cocktail period for about an hour and half. Offer signature drinks if possible. This will limit hard liquor been consumed right at the very beginning of the event. Close the bar during dinner for a period of 2 hours. And open it up again after the dinner. We recommend offering your guests wine during the dinner.
Ottawa Wedding

Offer signature drinks during cocktail period

  • Offer Food during the cocktail period to balance the drinking. You can be creative with this and incorporate your wedding theme. Make it cute! Offer food again for a late night snack while the party is in full motion. Popular items for this is : Poutine, cocktail sandwiches, pizza, veggie platters etc.

Have some Hors D'oeuvres

  • Have a limited selection to your bar instead of a fully stocked bar. For example you can have one type of beer/ House wine (Red & White) and Pop.  Which ever selection you choose to have, make it limited one. Do not allow your guests to do shots. Ask the venue or bar tender to monitor this.
  • Book your wedding reception preferably at a hotel so you can offer guests options to stay at the hotel, or choose  a venue that is close to a hotel or some sort of accommodation. Ask your venue if they have partnered with hotels so you can take advantage of special rates. You can also call hotels directly to inquiry about special rates. Pass this information on to your guests when you have it. And on the night of the wedding ask the MC/ DJ to make an announcement about the accommodation arrangements that guests have. Your guests will appreciate it.

Block hotel rooms for your guests

  • Use services such as Responsible choice! They will drive you and your car home! Make this number available to your guests as well as a taxi number!


  • Don’t drink and drive. Book a hotel room if you can.
  • Have a designated drive with you
  • Call a taxi to get you home (make this arrangement before you leave your house)
  • Control your drinking. It is a wedding, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!

Photos: Pinterest

Happy Wedding! Call RSVP Events to plan your next event! 

3 things to consider when wearing a short wedding dress

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3 things to consider when wearing a short wedding dress

Traditionally, wedding dresses tend to be long. Short dresses are ideal for beach weddings and even a bridal shower if you are having one.

3 things to consider when wearing a wedding dress:

1. Choose a respectable length– Something that goes to the knee or just above it. You don’t it to be too revealing. It’ s your big day and you want to wear something that is appropriate.

2. Think about the shoes– When wearing a long dress, the shoes tend to be hidden. With a short dress, not so much. Make sure the dress and the shoes are a good match. Most Bridal boutiques carry acceptable wedding shoes.

3. A smaller bouquet or something simple- A larger bouquet can take away from the look of your short dress. With a longer dress, you still have all the details at the bottom of the wedding dress to show off. With a shorter dress, carry a simple bouquet to show off the dress.

Ottawa wedding dresses

Ottawa wedding dresses

Ottawa wedding dress

Ottawa wedding dress

Ottawa wedding dress

Would you wear short wedding dress?

Wedding dresses source: Pinterest

Au Naturale

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5 Black wedding hairstyles for the Au Naturale Bride

We love brides that own their natural Curls, twists and locs ! Here are our top 5 styles that we totally love. What is your favourite look? Will you be rocking a natural look for your big day? Tell us below!

Hair style, natural Look

Source: Urban Bush Babes

Black african hair style

Source: Samantha Weissbach

Natural hair style

Source: Munaluchi Bridal

Natural look

Source: Munaluchi Bridal

Natural Bride

Source: Bridal Musings

Looking for more ideas? Check out Pinterest 

Leave a comment below if you love! Happy Planning.

BRIDAL BEAUTY: Manis & Pedis

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BRIDAL BEAUTY: Manis & Pedis

You have your hair stylist booked, your makeup trial done! Don’t forget those nails! On your wedding day, your hands will constantly be on the show.  The photographer will take close up photos of you holding the bouquet, the exchange of the wedding bands, the signing of the registry; nothing worse than seeing a chipped nail. Don’t forget to moisturise your hands. When it comes to wedding manicures, we prefer looks that are clean and simple. That should not stop you from adding some art if that is what you like.

– We recommend getting your manicure done a day or 2 before your wedding day. Not only will it give you time to get other things done, but it will look newly done.

– Getting your hands and nails well taken care of weeks before your wedding day, will go a long way. You can do this at home, by constantly moisturising your hands, ensuring your hands are not dry, eating healthy and drinking lots of water.

– We recommend going to a nail salon you’ve gone to before. If you don’t go to a salon often, look up a few places, try one and see how it goes.

– You have brittle nails? Try having gel nails applied, this usually helps to strengthen and protect the nail from damage.

Oh, don’t forget the pedicure!


chanel nails


Source: Pinterest

Bridal Nails










Source: Weddbook

French Manicure














Source: Ivillage

Chanel Inspired nails













Source: Pink Chocolate Break

Bridal nails












Source: Weddbook

Wedding nails
















Source: Louboutin Nails


What kind of nails are you planning on rocking on your big day?

Happy Planning! @divineplanner85

Dress the Groom

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Today’s blog will be focusing on how to help the groom stand out on his big day. The bride gets all the attention; do you want to stand out? Whether you are looking to stand out from the rest of the groomsmen, the rest of the men in the crowd or you are just seeking the same attention as the bride, here are a few tips to help you on your big day.

Tuxedo VS a Suit – If your groomsmen are wearing a suit, opt to wear a tuxedo. Or you can simply wear a jacket that is a different colour all together.

Wedding Boutonniere- Add a boutonniere to your outfit to give it a little pop of colour. We suggest having one solid colour, preferably the colour theme of the wedding and your groomsmen having another color.

A Tie VS a Bow Tie – Your tie or bowtie should be a different color or shade from the rest of the guys in the wedding party. Go with something that is plaid, stripes or something with print (Your wedding date)

Vestswe have seen men wear just a vest, very popular with outdoor weddings. If all the groomsmen are also going to wear a vest, opt for a different color vest or something with a different texture.












Bridal Party    Ottawa groom









Happy Planning! @divineplanner85