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Want to know more about what you will see at the show #Ottawa? Enjoy a Lingerie Fashion Show by Melia Concepts Lingerie!

Melia Concepts Lingerie,

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5 Common Budget Questions

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5 Common Budget Questions

Save money for your wedding

Source: Photo

Here are a list of 5 common questions most couples tend to ask in regards to their Wedding. 

1. My Parents and future in-laws wish to contribute to the wedding financially. Do they have the rights to say how I spend the money they give me? 

The answer is yes. Most parents will decide not to say anything but others will want to be involved. Here are a few tips to work with  and guide them through the process. This will also reduce any tension during the planning process should you have any disagreement. If your parents are paying for the entire wedding, provide them with a list of your top 2 vendors in each category. Include all the pros and cons of each vendor so they have a better understanding to why you are choosing them (this should include quotes, the style of wedding that you prefer, what is included in each vendor package and which items are not included.) This will make them feel included in the decision making. 

If your parents are providing a set amount, lets say $5000.00, please thank them and ask them where they would like you to spend this money. This will also make them feel as though they were involved in the decision making. 

2. What if my family members do not come through with the finances that we were promised? 

We suggest asking for the money when you are ready to make a purchase. You can also have your parents send the money directly to the vendors if this will make it comfortable for them. You can also let them know that you have started the wedding planning and budgeting process and would like to know when to expect their part of the checks for deposits. Always have a back up plan in case your parents finances change and they are unable to come through. Things do happen. If you were really counting on their help and they are not able to provide, be prepared to change your wedding vision to meet your new budget. 

3. How can I avoid going over budget? 

We highly recommend hiring an event planner as they have great relationships with vendors that can save you a lot of money. Keep track of everything you are spending. This can quickly add up. The number of guests you have at your wedding can affect how much you spend. Look out for hidden fees or fees that you were not aware of, as this may not have been included in your budget (Tips, gratuities, taxes, etc) 

4. Is it okay to negotiate a price or ask vendors for discounts? 

You can always try. Some vendors do run specials in the low season, take advantage of this. Always tell your vendors what your budget is! They may be able to customize a package that works within your budget. Some vendors may not necessarily reduce the price or give a discount, but they may be able to add value. For example, a Photographer may include a $250.00 engagement shoot with a purchase of a full photography package worth $2500.00.  

5. What is the Most expensive time of the year to get married? 

Summer is the most expensive time, with weddings taking place between May and October. Lots of Brides are competing for venues and vendors around this time. Still want to have a summer wedding? Opt to have your wedding on a Thursday, Friday evening or a Sunday. 

Happy Planning! 

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How to choose a venue for your Event

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How to choose the perfect venue for your Next Event

Ottawa venues

Are you planning an event? Whether you are planning a business retreat, a conference, a 50th wedding anniversary or any event, you will need a venue to host it in. Securing a venue can be a challenging task for most of our clients.  Here are a few things to consider when choosing your venue.

1. Availability- You are researching the venue and think you have found the perfect place. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the venue is available on the date you wish to have your event. You should plan for this ahead of time, especially if the date is something you are not willing to be flexible with.

2. Capacity- Make sure the venue can accommodate the number of guests you wish to invite. You will also need to ensure along with tables, that the dance floor, DJ area, bar and any additional tables will be able to fit in the room. Ask for a sample floor plan, room size and make sure you conduct a site visit. The venue should be suitable for the type of event you wish to have.

3. Site Visit- Make sure you make an appointment to take a tour of the venue you wish to have your event. Is the venue handicap accessible? If it’s an outdoor event, do they have a backup plan in case it rains? Does it have sufficient parking? What else is provided with the rental of the venue?

4. Lighting of the room- is the venue to dull or in some cases has no windows? Do you need to bring in extra lighting? Lighting is huge, for photography purposes, décor elements and much more. Visit your venue at the time of day that your event will be held to have a better idea of what it will look like when you hold the event.

5. Sound- Does the venue have good acoustics? This is especially important if you are having entertainment. Look out for the number of outlets that the room has. You might need to bring speakers or extra equipment.

6.Parking- Make sure the venue has sufficient parking for the number of guests attending. And if they do not have parking space, what are the alternatives?

This should give you an idea of what to look for when looking for a venue for your event. Call us today to help you with your next event.

Photos are compliments of RSVP events & Igor Pavlov Photography


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How to Plan a Grand Opening

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10 Tips on how to plan the perfect grand opening

Ottawa Event planner

Photo credit: Phillipa Maitland

Congratulations on starting your business. Whether the business is small or big, new or rebranded we believe you need to show your target market what you are all about.  This is achieved by planning a Grand Opening Event or a company launch! A well planned grand opening event can help any company get the clients that you are targeting.  Planning a grand opening ceremony is very important for any company and it is advised to seek the help of a professional event planner.  Like planning any event, a grand opening ceremony can be stressful.

1)        Find the perfect location:  Having the event at your company location is always recommended, for example a restaurant owner can throw the event at his restaurant. If you do not have a physical address for your company you can opt to rent a venue. If this is the case, planning ahead should be your priority to ensure the venue is available.

2)        Date and Time: Like any event, the date and time should be considered. Your target market should be considered when choosing  the date. Who are you targeting? When do your target market usually work? What sort of events do they attend? Do they prefer going out in the middle of the week or the weekend? Keep all of this in mind when deciding the perfect time and date for your event.  

3)         Guest List- This is where you should really focus on inviting your target market. Take a look at your business plan, who are you targeting? How can you get them to attend your event? Other people you should consider inviting should be the press, your city mayor, vendors that you have worked with and those that you wish to work with in the future, current employees, current customers, neighboring companies if you have one, any former colleagues you worked with and most importantly friends and Family, they will recommend you.

4)        Invitations– this should be done in a timely manner. We recommend sending out an actual invite. Not too early, as guests may forget and not too late as they might already have other plans. E-invites are also acceptable if you are trying to save. Your invitation should have all the necessary information about your company, who you are, what you offer, date and time of the event, address of the venue, dress code if applicable, and how the guests can RSVP. Don’t forget your Logo; keep your branding consistent in everything you send out. Keep track of all your RSVPs, and make sure to send out Thank you cards or emails thanking everyone that attended.

5)        Food & Beverage– Will you be serving food at the event? This will depend on the type of event you will be throwing, time of day and type of business.  We recommend at least having some food for your guests, a drink and some Champagne to toast to your new business. If your business is related to a restaurant, have some samples from your menu to pass. All food and beverage should be complimentary.

6)        Parking– Make sure the venue you host you event at  has sufficient parking for the number of attendees that you have invited to your event. If you can afford it, get valet parking for your guests. This is a nice added touch.

7)        Ribbon Cutting– This is traditionally done at most grand openings. Speeches are done by the owners of the company and are followed by a ribbon ceremony. The city’s mayor if in attendance should stand next to you. This ceremony should be at least 15 minute long.

8)        Entertainment– Depending on your business and event, entertainment should be hired for your event. Some typical types of entertainment are DJs, a band or a soloist, an MC to work the crowd, a musician or a guest speaker, must be well known; this person can sometimes draw more people to attend the event. If they can MC the event, this will be a bonus.

9)        Door prizes/ Freebies– this is great to have and can be given as a thank you for attending. Don’t forgot to add your business cards. Include something that the guests can use towards your services or a product at a later time. We are building repeat business and you need to find a great way to encourage the clients to return. A good example can be offering a 10% rebate on their next purchase, make sure to include an expiration date and any terms and conditions.

10)     Follow up– Don’t forget to follow up with everyone that attended the event. Getting feedback is a great way to see where you stand in your business. You could have guests fill out a survey for an exchange of a coupon. Collecting email addresses is also vital to starting your contact list.

It takes a lot of time to plan a grand opening. You have one chance to show your future clients what you are about. You want to do it right the first time. If you require any help or assistance on planning your Grand opening, please give us a call for an initial consultation.

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Photo source: Love & Laughter Photography

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Ottawa – Styled Fashion Shoot

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A Styled shoot by Tripp Photography

A love of fashion combined by the love of animals. Christine Tripp from Tripp Photography was kind enough to capture these images. It was a great honor to work with Christine as I really love her style of photography. Maygan did a fantastic job modelling the gowns despite the cool weather. If you have a love for horses, we hope you enjoy the photos below.

Ottawa Fashion

Fashion Styled shoot

Styled Photoshoot

Ottawa Fashion

Ottawa Fashion Week

Ottawa Fashion week

Ottawa Fashion Week

Ottawa Fashion Week

Ottawa Fashion

Ottawa Event

Ottawa Fashion

Thank to all those that were involved.

Horses & Venue: Cynthia Pourzynal

Model: Maygan Sensenberger

Styled Shoot Designer and Event Coordinator: Divine from  RSVP Events

Styled Shoot Photographer: Christine Tripp from Tripp Photography



Wedding Day Coordinator, Why do I need one?

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Wedding Day Coordinator, Why do I need one?

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding season has begun. We know you are running around, trying to get last minute tasks done. You planned everything right up to now, that’s fantastic! You are very creative and have always dreamed of planning your own wedding.  And you want all your plans to come together as envisioned, on your actual wedding day. Your guests are usually unaware of everything going on behind the scenes to make sure everything is running as smoothly as planned.

Who is that person doing the running around? Who is giving direction to all the vendors making sure the right song is been played at the right time, that dinner is ready to go out for  6:30pm, or making sure the microphone is working for the Father of the Groom’s speech? You need someone to manage the day, making sure the caterer, the DJ, the decorators and photographers are all in place. Wait, where is the wedding cake?

So do I need a certified Wedding Coordinator?

You are now thinking a friend or reliable family member can coordinator your wedding. Why not? You are saving money right? That family member or friend was invited by you to enjoy the wedding day. Not to work. You don’t want them leaving at the end of the evening, feeling like they just worked a 12 hour shift, missing out on your first kiss, the cake cutting, group photos and much more. Sure they will say yes to help you. What friend would say no?

My venue has a coordinator?

Unless you have paid your venue coordinator extra to make sure they are coordinating your wedding day, they are most likely not going to do this. We mentioned earlier, this is a 12 hour or more job, (since we have to meet you up to a month before to ensure all contracts are revised and in place). The venue coordinator is there to ensure the venue is delivering what they promised. Which is the food and beverage, the setup of the venue (based on the floor plan you provide) and in most cases scheduling staff. They are not there to call the cake person, or the DJ to make sure they are coming to set up on time. Before assuming that the venue coordinator will coordinate your wedding plans, make sure you ask them before signing the contract. The venue coordinator and a wedding planner work together to ensure your wedding runs smoothly!

Does the wedding coordinator need to be professional or certified?

A professional and certified wedding planner is a trained person that has the background in wedding planning. They have either gone to school for this or have years of experience. They are well trained to take action in various situations that may occur, should anything happen. This makes them trustworthy to plan the one big day of your life. They are a neutral person at the wedding and do not need to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings if something does go wrong.

RSVP Events is certified through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada and ABC.

Are you still asking whether you should hire a wedding planner?  

The answer is yes! If you can’t hire a wedding planner for the full planning, at least get someone professional for the wedding day Coordination. This will give you peace of mind and you will look cool!  You hired a wedding planner after all.

Contact us today for more information about our services.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Source: Society Bride

Julie & Chris are Married

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Julie and Chris were married October 12th, 2012. Originally from Toronto, the lovely couple wanted to share their intimate wedding with friends and family here in Ottawa. The reception was held at the Museum of Civilization.

Day of Coordination: RSVP Events

Photos credit: Compliments of RSVP!

Ottawa Wedding

Ottawa Wedding planning

Wedding Planning Ottawa




Wedding cupckaes

Thank you

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Cassandre & Richard, Married

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Richard came to me about 6/7 months ago wanting to plan a very small, intimate wedding. Cassandre’s family is from Haiti and they were concerned about family not been able to make it for the wedding. Cassandre & Richard were eventually married on April 6th, 2013 surrounded by all their friends and family from all over the world! 

When I first met Cassandre, all she wanted was flowers! “Flowers everywhere” is what she told me. Her favourite colour is Fuchsia! This immediately set the tone & theme for her fairytale wedding. Flowers and Fuchsia it was for this bride. 

My favourite part of the planning process, was  helping Cassandre bring her family from Haiti. It was a hard process with all the visa issues, but they all made it eventually. I ensured everyone was properly booked in to their hotel. This made her extremely happy as it was important that her family attend the wedding!

 Food is extremely important to Cassandre’s mother; we had to make sure some Haitian dishes were included for those coming from Haiti. This made for a very fun food tasting session. The DJ set the mood for the evening by playing some traditional music. I had to stop myself from joining in. The music had everyone dancing for the rest of the evening.

I loved every single part of this beautiful wedding! 

Ottawa Wedding dress

Ottawa Wedding dress

Wedding rings

Wedding ring

wedding flowers

Wedding Bouquet

Ottawa wedding decor

Wedding planning

Ottawa Wedding

Ottawa Wedding Planner

All wedding vendors involved:

Wedding Planner: RSVP Events

Wedding Photographer: Love & Laughter Photography

Videographer: Kayo

Hair:Amazing Looks- Antonia Fragnito

Wedding Cake: Thimble Cakes

Wedding Decor & Flowers: In house by RSVP Events

Make Up Artists: Business of Beauty

We would like to thank everyone that participated in making Cassandre and Richard’s Fairytale wedding come true!

Happy Planning! @divineplanner85